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Peshawar’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system will keep running on all three days of Eid, ensuring that residents have easy transportation during the celebrations. A TransPeshawar representative shared that to accommodate passengers better, the evening operating hours for the ER-01 route will be extended on the Sunday following Eid, which falls on June 23rd.

BRT Peshawar Opening Time on Eid ul Adha 2024

The representative explained that this extension, allowing the ER-01 express route to run until 8 PM, aims to assist those returning home after enjoying the Eid festivities. On Eid’s first day, BRT services will start later than usual at 10 AM and run until 10 PM. For the second and third days, the BRT will operate from 6 AM to 10 PM, providing ample time for people to travel across the city.

“Our goal is always to enhance the transportation experience for the people of Peshawar,” the TransPeshawar spokesperson said, highlighting their commitment to public convenience during the holiday.

The decision to keep the BRT operational throughout Eid underlines TransPeshawar’s dedication to serving the community, ensuring that everyone can travel comfortably and conveniently during the joyous occasion. Whether visiting family or enjoying the city’s festivities, the extended BRT hours offer a reliable and efficient travel option for all.

By keeping the BRT running and extending hours, TransPeshawar aims to make the Eid holiday more enjoyable and stress-free for Peshawar’s residents. This move reflects their ongoing efforts to improve public transportation and meet the needs of the community during special times like Eid.

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