Thanks to the resurgence of Eddie Murphy’s popular film Coming to America, comedian and TV show host Arsenio Hall has found his way back onto the big screen⏤even if lately that “big screen” has been roughly the size of an average flatscreen. With the release of the film’s sequel, Coming 2 America, Hall has proven that he still has what it takes to keep up with the comedy stylings of Eddie Murphy, even at 65. Though he’s not as famous as his costar, Hall has had his share of time in the spotlight during the early part of his career.

Born February 12th, 1956, Hall began pursuing a career in comedy in 1984 when he landed the role of announcer and sidekick on actor Alan Thicke’s talk show, Thicke of the Night. Four years later, Hall got his big break when he was cast to co-star with Eddie Murphy in the first Coming To America film in 1988. The role marked Hall’s first big payday as both an actor and a comedian, with the film earning him $900,000 in one sitting.

The film finally put Hall in the Hollywood spotlight and helped him earn the role of interim host to replace comedian Joan Rivers on Fox’s late-night talk show, The Late Show. Hall’s time as interim host made him so popular that Fox later gave him his own late-night talk show, aptly titled The Arsenio Hall Show, in 1989.

The show became well-known for the crowd’s unique alternative to applauding⏤which consisted of chanting “Roo, Roo, Roo” while pumping their fists⏤and for capturing one of modern American history’s most iconic moments: former President Bill Clinton playing the saxophone during his first run for Presidential office. The Arsenio Hall Show aired for six years before coming to an end in 1994.

Since his time on The Arsenio Hall Show, the comedian has been relatively quiet. He’s appeared on a few talk shows and even hosted the revival of the talent competition show Star Search during its first and only season between 2003 and 2004. After that, Hall disappeared once more and wasn’t seen again until 2021, when he returned to reprise his role in Coming 2 America, which likely earned him a reasonable payday. With only a few credits to his name, memorable as they are, how much has Hall amassed over the years?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Arsenio Hall was worth $16 million before securing a deal to return in Coming 2 America. Though details of Hall’s contract have yet to be reported, he and Eddie Murphy are friends, which might lead one to assume that Hall was compensated handsomely for his role. That said, there’s a good chance that Hall’s net worth has gone up a few million since Coming 2 America debuted in March of 2021, but we’ll likely have to wait until next year for a more official number to be released.

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