As one of the franchise’s famed musical interludes says; “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough”. That encapsulates the Jackass ethos in a nutshell, with the core crew putting themselves through the physical wringer in the name of our entertainment, racking up a lengthy list of injuries, surgeries and medical bills in the process.

There may have been an air of trepidation on the part of some cast members during shooting on Jackass Forever, especially now that the majority of these guys are in their late-40s and early 50s. Director Jeff Tremaine openly wondered if audiences would even be interested in watching a bunch of middle-aged dudes performing dangerous and disgusting stunts, but the reaction to the first trailer indicated that they definitely would.

Johnny Knoxville and the gang have certainly suffered for their art, though, with a new study commissioned by Nova Legal Funding determining that since the show first began airing on MTV, the Jackass ensemble have racked up injuries estimated to be worth a combined $24 million. The findings were determined by looking at mishaps suffered before, during and in between filming, which then led to a determined ‘cost per injury’.

On an individual basis, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that well over $8 million was attributed to Knoxville. In fact, close to $22 million of the entire estimate was accumulated by the Jackass ringleader, Ehren McGhehey and Steve-O alone, so you’d have to imagine that one of the biggest reasons why it took next year’s Jackass Forever a decade to come together is because it’s a nightmare to try and get these guys insured.

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