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The Best Beer Run Ever film overview (2022)

Based mostly on the guide by Joanna Molloy and John “Chickie” Donohue, “The Best Beer Run Ever” tells the latter’s true story of a misguided supply to an energetic worldwide battle, the place he discovered, “Sure, Vietnam was dangerous.” We meet Chickie (a miscast Zac Efron) in New York Metropolis in 1967, aimless sufficient that his dad offers him a tough time for sleeping in and missing motivation. He spends most of his time on the bar together with his buddies, at the same time as they watch buddies go off to Vietnam and by no means come residence once more. When certainly one of his closest allies goes M.I.A., Chickie has a loopy thought one drunken night—what if he introduced all of his buddies a beer? Simply to indicate them that NYC nonetheless loves them? Egged on by fellow barmates, together with a proprietor performed by a speechifying Invoice Murray, Chickie decides to get on a cargo ship headed to ‘Nam to search out the fellows. All he has to do is spend two months on a ship, discover individuals he is aware of in a big nation in the midst of a battle, give them some encouraging suds, and discover his means residence once more. No drawback, proper?

Chickie fights together with his sister (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis) over the at-home response to the battle, arguing that protests diminish the sacrifice of the lads on the bottom. And he says on to press members he meets in Vietnam, together with one performed by Russell Crowe named Arthur Coates, that they’re solely reporting on the dangerous stuff from the battle. He’s there to convey some mild to a darkish state of affairs, and to remind the boys that they’re supported. After all, anybody who’s seen a film or learn a guide understands that Chickie goes to be taught a harsh lesson concerning the fact of precise battle whereas he’s on his beer run, and right here’s the place Farrelly’s restricted vary as a filmmaker turns into a big drawback.

Somebody says about Chickie, “Each from time to time, you run into a man who’s too dumb to get killed.” It’s meant to be a humorous line, however it reveals the foundational flaw of “The Best Beer Run Ever” in that Chickie is written and performed poorly. He must be nearly a Hal Ashby character, somebody pushed via the world in a means that displays the sort of ignorance that always retains individuals alive, however he’s sketched as an alternative as a working-class hero, a heartfelt man who’s extra brave than silly. That is a tricky promote. There’s a vastly superior model of this movie that’s extra comfy mocking Chickie’s naïveté as an alternative of utilizing it for heartfelt speeches about dying buddies.

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