Countless actors have crossed the Marvel/DC divide over the years, and even though each comic book company now has their own shared cinematic universe, that doesn’t mean people can’t appear in both of them at roughly the same time. Just last month, Idris Elba made his debut as the DCEU’s Bloodsport having spent a decade as the MCU’s Heimdall, and it isn’t just restricted to the rival mythologies.

Gemma Chan played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel two years ago, but she was recast and awarded top billing in Eternals, although it helps that the two characters couldn’t look more different. Having eventually been cast as Fandral at the second time of asking in Thor: The Dark World, Zachary Levi eventually found a superhero role worthy of his talents when he landed the lead in Shazam!.

In a new interview, Levi admitted that he always wanted to be Deadpool, but he also said that Fantastic Four‘s Reed Richards could be a lot of fun.

“For years I’ve wanted to be Deadpool. I was so jealous that Ryan, he rocked that. When you see somebody do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, and they do it great, you’re like, ‘Kudos, rock ‘n roll’. Reed Richards would be kind of fun. But to be truthful, I don’t even really allow myself to go down those roads because I’m so good. I’m so set. The fact that I even get to be Captain Marvel/Shazam!/Billy Batson, it’s such a fun dream role. And it’s got so much different DNA than almost every other superhero.”

Kevin Feige teased that Fantastic Four casting announcements could be a lot closer than we think, but it’s probably safe to assume that Levi isn’t on the wish-list for Reed Richards. After all, he’s happy where he is as one of the DCEU’s leading lights, and he’s still got his fingers crossed in the hopes he gets to throw down opposite Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam one day in the future, so he likely wouldn’t want to impact his schedule by jumping ship to Marvel.

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