Green Lantern

It is evident that when an actor participates in any form of production including television and film some would want to commemorate a job well done after wrapping by “taking” a monumental item from the set. Ryan Reynolds, who worked on Green Lantern, was no different.

Reynolds starred in the 2011 movie about a test pilot given an alien ring which ultimately granted him superpowers as he gets inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force.

Prior to the film’s release, the actor admitted to taking the iconic “alien ring.” According to a past interview with Digitial Spy, Reynolds said the only reason why he stole the ring was because that was the “only thing that was real.” He stated while elaborating how the majority of the film was created in post-production including his suit.

“The weird thing about this one is that I completed the whole film and then 75 percent of the film-making process began when I’d gone home. To me, it was just four green walls, yet to everyone else, I’m on a 3D alien planet. There was nothing actually there. It’s all added in post-production. The only thing that was real, and that I could steal, was the actual ring of the Lantern. So I stole that. That was pretty cool.”

Earlier this year, Reynolds provided fans the ring’s staus while promoting a Latern’s drink created for the St. Patrick’s holiday. He captioned the tweet, “Still have the ring.”

Since then, the father of three’s movie has made headlines for dominating the Netflix streaming service despite its past criticism from fans for being the worst superhero film.

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