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Raymond & Ray film evaluation & movie abstract (2022)

Garcia’s movie opens with Raymond Harris (Ewan McGregor) arriving on the doorstep of his half-brother Ray (Ethan Hawke). They haven’t seen one another in years, however Raymond has information—their horrible father is lifeless. His closing request was that his estranged sons attend his funeral. Garcia drops in a couple of life-defining character beats within the movie’s stronger early scenes—I really would have most well-liked to observe Hawke and McGregor merely speaking about dad within the former’s distant cabin than the machinations of the plot to return. Raymond has multiple ex-wife; Ray was an addict; dad was an asshole. Ray decides to go extra for his brother than his father—Raymond can’t drive due to a suspended license—and the pair head off to fulfill the individuals who populated the final chapter of father’s life, discovering that all of them knew a really totally different man than the one who was so manipulative along with his sons that he principally gave them the identical identify simply to mess with them.

In Virginia, they meet dad’s final accomplice, a fascinating girl named Lucia (Maribel Verdu), who introduces them to a different half-brother in his son Simon (Maxim Swinton). It looks like Ray’s dad was completely satisfied in the long run, possibly even discovering a way of calm and peace, a minimum of in keeping with his Reverend (Vondie Curtis-Corridor) and a nurse (Sophie Okonedo) who befriended him. Though dad remains to be screwing with the sons he abused, insisting that they really dig his grave. It’s a closing act of management that pushes Raymond and Ray to the emotional edge they want with a purpose to actually discover closure.

It is good to see McGregor play an odd man after such iconic ones as Obi-Wan and Jesus within the final decade, and he has plausible chemistry with Hawke, who is usually unbelievable, including depth and nuance to Ray that isn’t actually there on the web page. It’s in the best way he overreacts when he sees that dad held onto his trumpet—Ray put his love for music in a psychological field and resents that dad by no means inspired it—or how he flirts with principally everybody, in search of connection. I’ve seen some folks out of Toronto evaluating this to a Sam Shepard work and that’s undoubtedly in Hawke’s efficiency, however I believe the comparability falls aside in the remainder of the piece, which simply feels too keen to attach dot A to dot B. It’s too clean-cut and too easy—the minute we meet Verdu and Okenedo, it’s apparent how they’re going to accomplice up with the main males. Solely Hawke finds the tough edges right here and there that the entire film wanted much more of total.

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