Mira Rajput Was 'Striving' For Balance In The Maldives. So, She Did This

Mira Rajput in a still from her video. (Image courtesy: mira.kapoor)


  • Mira shared a video of herself from her Maldives vacation
  • “Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect,” she wrote
  • “Somewhere, in between inhale-exhale, you’ll find yourself,” she added

New Delhi:

Watching our favourite actors be their absolute best at all things they do can be inspiring yet daunting. As they pull off the perfect yoga poses and fitness moves, it can often seem impossible to match them. This is precisely why Mira Rajput’s latest take on her approach to fitness and yoga comes as a breath of fresh air. In a detailed pose shared on Instagram, Mira Rajput, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, urges fans to connect with the body and strive for balance instead of perfection. And, she argues that finding yourself, even if you drift from the conventional norms, is the essence of yoga. Mira Rajput attached the note to a video of her performing yoga on the beach during her ongoing family vacation in the Maldives. In the clip, she is seen practising the Surya Namaskar on the beach. Sharing the clip, Mira wrote, “Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect. It needn’t be a set pattern or a correct number of reps. It’s about connecting with your body, through your body and with nature. And your body doesn’t need to be perfect either. Balance is what I strive for.”

Mira Rajput further said that sometimes it is important to understand and follow what feels good. “Sometimes I like to go with the flow and figure out my own set of movements often staying in them for what feels good.” She added that it was, in fact, the “connection and the intuition” that helps one heal.

Speaking about the video, Mira Rajput said, “This was a Surya Namaskar series I did just after sunrise, and I felt so energised. We hear about saluting the Sun, but this time I felt the energy. Bare feet, grounded in the sand and the sound of the waves. Somewhere, in between inhale and exhale, you’ll find yourself. This is Yoga”

Take a look:

When she is not doing yoga, Mira Rajput is enjoying the Sun and the sand in the Maldives. A selfie Mira shared from her vacation features her with a flushed, sun-kissed face as she lounges outdoors. “Kiss me more,” read her caption.

All the time in the Sun also gave Mira Rajput a glorious tan that she flaunted like a queen. Sharing a mirror selfie, she wrote, “Till the tan is flattering.”

We would love to see more pictures from her trip to the island nation. What about you?


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