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Kaepernick & America film assessment (2022)

“Kaepernick & America” explores the duality of colorism and the constraints of respectability politics; it additionally depicts Kaepernick’s early fall from grace throughout the eyes of conservative followers, as he confronted criticism for his look. Coded language utilized by anchors and different spokesmen to explain Kaepernick’s look felt like an assault on his blackness. We see the autumn from grace steadily approaching as Kaepernick additional recognized together with his African-American heritage from his pro-Black Instagram posts to the model of his hair. Kaepernick is yet one more instance of the general public castration of politically aware Black celebrities.

Though the doc approaches this subject nicely, it fails to stay the touchdown. Kaepernick is not concerned within the dialog he began, and this documentary is an instance of why. He didn’t really feel like a personality however a super. Like many documentaries, the interviews begin to develop into an interruption of Kaepernick’s actions as an alternative of providing perception into them. This outsider interview format is useful to start with because the viewers is reintroduced to Kaepernick, and when revisiting the occasions of the protest, however detracts when attempting to clarify the legacy of Kaepernick’s actions, a narrative nonetheless being written. 

The tip of the movie is sort of a last-minute determined try and appease a white viewers. It’s as if the documentary wasn’t allowed to be launched except the cultural impression of racism was tied up properly with a bow. Kaepernick’s protest was not a warning of what was to return as a lot as a pronouncement of what was already taking place. It was an expression of frustration concerning the liveable killings of Black folks by the police, an issue which has plagued African-American communities for generations. However even when it’s all a bit too tidy, this documentary about Kaepernick is efficacious for reminding viewers how far we nonetheless need to go.

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