the fast and the furious

F9 Director Justin Lin revealed during a recent interview with Screen Rant that he and the late Paul Walker once joked about the Fast and the Furious franchise reaching a 68th sequel.

Lin and Walker initially began working together back in 2008 when filming the series’ fourth installment. Their collaboration continued until Fast and Furious 6.

Walker, who portrayed Brian O’ Conner in the Fast and the Furious franchise, tragically passed away in November 2013 following a fiery car crash. At the time of Walker’s death, he was filming Furious 7.

The series is currently on its ninth installment. Lin said while discussing the final chapter of the franchise, “I remember when I first met Paul and Vin when we were doing Fast Four. We just started talking about, if we’re lucky enough one day, what would be the final chapter? You could ask Vin. I know with Paul and I, I never thought that was real. I thought it was just a theoretical conversation. And we had talked about, “What would Fast 68 be?” And sometimes we joke, but coming back and when Vin talking about the last chapter to the saga, I go back to those conversations that started in 2008. I think Brian lives on, but more importantly for me, Paul lives on because of those conversations. And I think every day I’m working on it, I’m trying to hopefully do that justice.”

Despite alleged details surrounding the Fast and the Furious’ 10th and 11th installments, no other information has been released.

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