'Was Fun To Get Beaten Up By Akshay Kumar': Huma Qureshi Gets A Lesson In Fighting On Bell Bottom Set

Huma Qureshi and Akshay Kumar in a still from video (courtesy poojafilms)


  • “The fight with Huma Qureshi was really good,” said Akshay Kumar
  • “It was a small fight but it was very rewarding,” he added
  • Akshay trained Huma Qureshi for the fight

New Delhi:

Huma Qureshi is a bona-fide fighter now (onscreen) and courtesy for her training goes to Akshay Kumar. On Tuesday, the makers of Bell Bottom shared a behind-the-scenes video from the film’s set, featuring Huma Qureshi and Akshay Kumar. In the video, Akshay Kumar can be seen guiding Huma Qureshi in a fight sequence. Akshay Kumar, who performs his own stunts in movies, applauded his student and said in the video: “The fight with Huma Qureshi was really good. Training her for the fight and the way she practiced and the way she got it in one shot was another highlight of the film. It was a small fight but it was very rewarding.”

“What fun it was to get beaten up by Akshay Kumar. Super fun fight-training with you Sir!” Huma Qureshi tweeted while sharing the video. Meanwhile, Team Bell Bottom described the video in these words: “Watch behind the scenes of Akshay Kumar teaching Huma Qureshi how to be a real action hero.”

The cast of Bell Bottom also features the likes of Lara Dutta, who has been cast as former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi while Vaani Kapoor plays the role of Akshay Kumar’s wife. Bell Bottom, based on a true story, is a nail-biting spy thriller, in which Akshay Kumar pulls off the mission of rescuing 210 hostages from a hijacked Indian plane.

Bell Bottom was the first Bollywood movie to have started its shooting schedule at an international location after the nationwide lockdown last year. Directed by Ranjit Tiwari, Bell Bottom. Directed by Ranjit M Tewari, Bell Bottom will release in cinemas on August 19 and a month later on Prim Video.


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