'Haven't Interacted With Shwetambari Soni, My Bond With My Father Matters': Vikram Bhatt's Daughter

Vikram Bhatt with Shwetambari Soni (courtesy shwetaambari.soni)


  • Krishna is Vikram Bhatt’s daughter with his ex-wife
  • Vikram Bhatt married Shwetambari Soni last year
  • “He broke it to me quite suddenly as is his usual way,” said Krishna

New Delhi:

Vikram Bhatt’s daughter Krishna Bhatt, in a recent interview, revealed that the wedding news was shared with her much later. Vikram Bhatt married art pundit Shwetambari Soni in September last year – the news was revealed only yesterday. Now, in an interview with India Today, Krishna Bhatt said that her filmmaker father shared the news with her almost suddenly: “He broke it to me quite suddenly as is his usual way. But, it is what it is.” When asked about her equation with Shwetambari Soni, Krishna Bhatt said: “I haven’t interacted with her and since I don’t live with him, I have spent a lot of time away from him, especially during the lockdown. The bond between my father and me matters, and I am glad that remains unchanged.”

Krishna Bhatt is Vikram Bhatt’s daughter with his former wife Aditi Bhatt. Krishna Bhatt, who is also an actor, has worked as an assistant director to Vikram Bhatt for films such as Haunted, Creature and Mr X.

Speaking to the publication, Krishna Bhatt also opened up about how she reacted to the news of Vikram Bhatt’s remarriage: “My parents got divorced 25 years ago. It took a while for me to understand that. I got accustomed to my parents not being together. I grew up and as I started taking on emotionally complicated scripts of my own, I realised that everyone has one life and everyone does what makes them happy. I found out about my dad’s wedding much later. He thought I was a little girl who wouldn’t be able to face this news. I suppose for your parents, you never grow up.”

On Wednesday, Mahesh Bhatt, who was once a mentor to Vikram Bhatt, told ETimes that the wedding happened during the lockdown in 2020. “Vikram Bhatt got married last September during the peak of the lockdown. He called me and said, ‘Boss I am getting married and since there is a restriction on the number of people who can be invited for the marriage ceremony and also keeping your health concerns in mind in these COVID times, I will not burden you and ask you to come. But we are going to keep this under the wraps’,” ETimes quoted Mahesh Bhatt as saying.

Vikram Bhatt is best known for exploring the horror and thriller genre, directing films such as Ghulam, Raaz, 1920, Kasoor, Aetbaar and 1921.


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