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EO film overview & movie abstract (2022)

EO is small and typical—the type of animal who appears stunning after you get to know him, however who may not stand out in a secure filled with donkeys. He might have been the mannequin for the wisecracker within the “Shrek” films. When Skolimowski and cinematographer Michal Dymek {photograph} him in tight closeups—typically so tight that the squarish, old-movie body can barely comprise the sleek line of EO’s head in profile, one eye looming dead-center—you get a glimmer of what might presumably be knowledge. However that is simply you the viewer projecting, in the best way you would possibly whereas visiting a farm or zoo. 

The filmmakers are resolute in retaining EO mysterious and letting him be an animal. We do not actually know why he does or doesn’t do issues at any second. Even when his coach finds and briefly consoles him after which leaves him and he appears to go after her, there is not any indication of what EO expects or hopes to attain, a lot much less his chance of success. He travels a methods after which stops, and extra issues occur.

However there’s not all the time a discernible inner logic to the scenes and set-pieces, and that may make components of “EO” really feel much less like a coherent, if stripped-down, narrative than a spotlight reel of intelligent cinematography methods, together with ostentatious acrobatic drone photographs hovering excessive over the countryside, single-color filters (evocative of the ultimate part of “2001: A Area Odyssey”) and first-person “trick photographs” the place cameras have been connected to machines and different objects in movement. A few of these pictures are genuinely stunning, eerie even. However others (together with an early, temporary sequence in a secure) veer in the direction of fashion-magazine slick prettiness. And there are occasions when the movie will get fixated on daring colours and placing angles (such a really low-angled shot of a robotic “canine” trundling by grass and throughout puddly grime roads) to the detriment or neglect of EO. It isn’t sufficient to completely derail the film, however one would possibly want for a bit extra aesthetic readability infrequently.

Probably the most upsetting sequences within the movie finds EO chewing grass outdoors of a nightclub someplace in a countryside when thugs with baseball bats pull up in automobiles, invade the membership, beat and frighten the patrons, then barge again outdoors to drive away into the evening. Any person in one of many automobiles notices EO on the fringe of the lot, and so they all climb again out of the automotive and beat him, too, with the digicam simulating EO’s first-person perspective because the blows rain down on him. Why did not EO run the second the automobiles pulled up and males received out screaming with rage? This and different moments make it really feel as if the potential for dramatic energy overruled sensible or logical issues.

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