Dwayne Johnson

When you’re a recognizable star in Hollywood, it becomes a lot easier to get your own way. In the space of the last couple of weeks, we’ve watched Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista essentially will a buddy cop movie into existence based on a text message and a tweet.

Bautista put forward the idea of teaming up once more with his Dune and See co-star, posted on Twitter and let it go viral, and next thing you know Momoa’s being asked about it every time he’s seen in public, which has been good enough for the pair to guarantee that it’s going to happen.

However, we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Ben Kingsley was returning as Trevor Slattery as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings long before it was confirmed – that Momoa and Dwayne Johnson could also end up collaborating on what you’d expect to be an action-packed effort looking at their respective filmographies.

It’s a little ironic when you consider Bautista isn’t shy when it comes to slating his ex-WWE compatriot, but Momoa did admit earlier this year that he was going to end up working with Johnson one of these days. The two have been friends for years, and they’re both now part of the DCEU, but the pieces haven’t quite fallen into place for a team-up.

While there’s no word on what the project could be, long-gestating biopic The King would make sense. Robert Zemeckis signed on to direct the story of Hawaii’s legendary ruler Kamehameha back in the summer of 2018, and it’s a role Johnson has been desperate to play for his entire career. He and Momoa both have strong ties to the islands, so on paper that would be the most logical option.

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