The Accountant

Ben Affleck may have claimed that is recent career reinvention was going to see him actively steer away from movies like Armageddon, but that evidently doesn’t extend to all types of broad genre films. After all, he’s expected to arrive on the set of The Flash imminently to play Batman for the fourth time, while director Gavin O’Connor has confirmed that he’s got plans for two more sequels to 2016 action thriller The Accountant.

The sleeper hit starred the two-time Academy Award winner as Christian Wolff, a mathematics genius who lives a dangerous double life running the books for various criminal organizations, while he’s also an expert in both armed and hand-to-hand combat. When he takes on a legitimate client to keep the feds off his back, Wolff finds himself drawn into a conspiracy that has massive personal and professional implications.

The Accountant opened at the top of the box office and ultimately went on to earn $155 million on a $44 million budget, although reviews were generally mixed across the board. However, O’Connor revealed that he’s just closed a deal for a sequel, and his plan is to cap off the trilogy with a buddy adventure starring Affleck and Jon Bernthal as Christian’s estranged brother Braxton.

“We literally just closed that deal. We’re doing The Accountant again. So, I’ve always wanted to do three because what, the second one’s going to be more with, we’re going to integrate his brother into the story. So there’ll be more screen time for Bernthal in the second one. And then the third movie’s going to be, I call it, ‘Rain Man on steroids’. The third movie is going to be the two brothers, this odd couple. The third one is going be a buddy picture.”

A sequel to The Accountant was first announced in the summer of 2017, and Affleck admitted last year that he was determined to make it happen. It may have taken a little longer than expected for the project to get the green light, but it looks to be all systems go if O’Connor is talking it up so publicly.

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