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An American Story: Margaret Brown and Joycelyn Davis on Descendant | Interviews

JD: Nicely, we filmed below the bridge, which is a sacred spot, you recognize? All of us within the Africatown group are conversant in that place. And it is a secure place. It is a spot the place you may meditate. So I actually did not have an issue with that house. It was excellent.

A part of the movie that I discovered unimaginable was the VHS tapes of interviews with some earlier, now deceased descendants that have been held by Dr Jackson. Margaret, how did you stumble onto what are primarily time capsules?

MB: Oh man. Dr. Kern Jackson. I’ve recognized him for a very very long time. I knew concerning the tapes. However he type of downplayed them. After which once we went to his workplace on that day to movie, he wished to do the interview in his chair’s workplace so it seemed all excellent. However I all the time go and meet Kern in his workplace, which seems to be like a folklorist workplace–which is messy. Kern is like an absent-minded genius, you recognize? So I used to be like: Can we please simply shoot in your office? That is ridiculous. This different actuality just isn’t your life. So we went to his workplace and he simply began pulling out the tapes and we have been all like: What the…? You have been holding out on us

I would seen a few of them on the library as a result of a few of them are digitized there, however he had extra in his workplace than I would ever seen. And I used to be identical to: Do not rewind that. Is that this backed up wherever? And he was like: I do not know. I simply wanna present it to you. I used to be overwhelmed by the richness of the fabric. We have been so shocked at how insane this footage was. I feel it’s now all backed up. I do not know Joycelyn if you recognize if it was backed up on the time. Are you aware?

JD: I dunno. However I used to be elated to see that footage as a result of my grandmother is in that and my aunt is in that too. And my cousin, she’ll be 25 subsequent month, she’s in there. And I’ve all the time wished to see precise footage of the festivals in Lewis Quarters. And simply to see my grandmother, she went to be with the Lord in 2010. So simply seeing her and my great-grandmother’s home, with the entire quilts and all the pieces hanging exterior was superb. That was filmed in 1999. My great-grandmother handed in 1997.

That’s unbelievable. And talking of figures from the previous, at one level, Michael Foster, the descendent of Captain Foster, seems at Joycelyn’s competition. Margaret, when do you know that Michael was going to indicate up?

MB: We knew he was on the town as a result of he was filming with “60 Minutes” and Joycelyn can converse to that greater than I can as a result of “60 Minutes” didn’t need me wherever close to that crew. We did not know if he was gonna come to Joycelyn’s competition. After which he confirmed up and I feel my producer, Essie [Chambers] was like: Is that Mike Foster? Both Kyle [Martin], my different producer, or Essie went over to determine if that was him. I feel he was making an attempt to maintain a low profile, however then we began filming him. I would by no means met him earlier than that second. 

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