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Alienoid film evaluate & movie abstract (2022)

The sheer too-much-ness of “Alienoid” might have simply been wearying, given its many tangents and supporting characters. Fortunately, author/director Choi Dong-hoon confirms his hitmaker popularity by balancing over-inflated set items with disarming screwball comedy and pleasant character actor performances. And whereas vivid costumes, shifting timelines, and pumped-up particular results could appear to be crucial components of “Alienoid,” you’re actually there to observe Choi (“Assasination,” “Woochi: The Demon Slayer”) hold as many plates airborne as he can. 

One of many primary charms of “Alienoid” is how onerous Choi works to introduce acquainted (ie: American) science-fiction tropes to an ostentatiously Korean narrative. This at the least partly explains why there is a 14th century interval journey on the coronary heart of a time-hopping “The Terminator”-style chase, that includes callous area aliens who stuff the souls of their prisoners into unwitting human our bodies. (Choi additionally offers some useful context right here in James Marsh’s South China Morning Put up interview)

Time, area, and logic are meaningless to those aliens, whose species, particular person names, and common qualities stay largely undefined. All it’s essential to know is that, within the yr 2022, the smoldering and stoic alien Guard (Kim Woo-bin) and his flying robotic companion Thunder (voiced by Kim Dae-myung) should cease an evil alien referred to as the Collector earlier than he can free his fellow alien prisoners from their human our bodies. Guard and Thunder are joined by their plucky human ward Ean (Choi Yu-ri), who sometimes forces her two surrogate dads to clarify themselves and their drama’s stakes.

In the meantime, within the yr 1391: Muruk (Ryu Jun-yeol), a hapless bounty-hunting dosa magician, searches for the Divine Blade, which is of course of extraterrestrial origins. Muruk travels the countryside with a pair of mystical cat-people (Shin Jung-geun and Lee Si-hoon) who stay in his enchanted fan. They’re joined by a variety of competing seekers, notably the evil masked shaman Jajang (Kim Eui-sung) and his implacable alien confederate (Ji Gun-woo), in addition to the above-mentioned girl with a gun (Kim Tae-ri) and a hapless buddy magician duo of Madam Black and Mr. Blue (Yum Jung-ah and Jo Woo-jin). Individually, these characters don’t matter, however collectively, as a migraine-inducing conspiracy, they’re fairly irresistible.

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