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Remember the animated family film about a young boy and his dragon based on a popular series of children’s books, who partner up against the backdrop of mutual distrust between humans and the mythical beasts to go on an adventure seeking a shared safe haven that forges an inseparable bond between them, all while being pursued by an evil villain who wants to enslave or kill every dragon on the planet?

If you do, then you won’t be surprised to discover that Dragon Rider has exploded in popularity on Netflix since being added to the library this past Friday, where it’s already ascended to ninth place on the most-watched chart. Oh, you thought we were talking about How to Train Your Dragon? If you can believe it, the two projects are completely unrelated, despite their very similar premises.


Dragon Rider follows Firedrake, tired of hiding from humans as they destroy his homeland. He sets off on a journey with a mischievous sprite to find the Rim of Heaven, the only refuge left for his kind. Along the way, they meet orphaned child Ben, but they’re forced to put their differences aside to overcome the threat of nefarious alchemist Nettlebane.

The solid voice cast includes Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Felicity Jones, Freddie Highmore and Sweet Tooth‘s Nonso Anozie, as well as living legend Sir Patrick Stewart. Dragon Rider drew decent reviews when it released in Germany last October, and it’s hit big on Netflix right away.

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