Perfect day Movie, " Directed by Fernando de León de Aronoa
Perfect day Movie, ” Directed by Fernando de León de AronoaA

Perfect day Movie, ” Directed by Fernando de León de Aronoa ..They say that war is hell. War assistance also does not look like any picnic, and because even before Ernest Hemingway drives a WWI ambulance, mopping stories on or after armed conflict captures imagination in different ways of out-and-out stories. Battle do.

“Perfect day,” Directed by Fernando de León de Aronoa, which made the English-speaking feature debut (mostly), arranged “somewhere in the Balkan” and followed a small group of assistance workers affiliated NGOs after Bosnia War.


The first task that did not hit we saw the Mambu Benicio del Toro and the translator of Damir (Fedja Stukan) work was trying to attract a corpse from the village well. The decayed body has been intentionally dropped by hostile parties, hoping to pollute local water supplies.

The rope holds snapped bodies, leading Mambrú to give the deceased nickname that is not polite and bitter. Meanwhile, his colleagues in Aid crossed the border (the name of the fiction for what seemed to be amalgam from a number of real organizations), a gonzo man who left with the name “B” (Tim Robbins) and the idealidistic Newbie Sophie (Mélaniie Thierry) was faced, when Driving, by dead cows in the middle of the road.

B acknowledged this as a trap: their vehicle was intended to turn to land. But do people put mine in their expectations to turn left, or right? B cannot reverse their logic, and finally mix the novel solution (or maybe not so new) in connection with the Knot Bovine Gordian.

A perfect day
A perfect day

e arrival at the executive field assessment named Katya (Olga Kurylenko) with whom Mambrú has some previous romantic involvement.

Mambu is not only annoyed by his presence but with the effect he is worried about his presence may be at home behind girlfriend-gossip running fast in this circle.

And then there is Nikola Pre-Teen Winsome (Eldar Residovic) who has a football stolen by some playmates who are a little older, one of them is determined to protect his boot with a suspected piece of loot … his weapon. Mambu wants to do the child solid, so bring it under his wing on their journey.

While the medical officers at Robert Altman “M * S * H” can become crass, meaning, the film also regulates the template for the depiction of aid workers in post-WWII cinemas. They are Gonzos who are gold-hearted and adrenaline addicts that might even go down because they don’t change clothes for three days or more.

“Is this your first corpse?” B asked Sophie from the start. Lapsing became Rhapsodic mode, he continued, “I remember the first time I made love, but my first corpse …

” Character in the “perfect day” should potite extremities because they are too busy banging their desires against idiocy bureaucracy. Sophie’s sanitary experts confirmed that wells had to be

A perfect day
A perfect day


cleaned even after the project was submitted by the coordinator. Mambrú did some logistics design that would (theoretically) allow the crew to complete the task, but the law of Murphy continued to intervene, assisted by both indigenous people and peacekeepers.

A perfect day
A perfect day


This terrible absurdity is part of everyday reality for this crew, though, according to the title, what the audience obtained is the reality of hours-to-hour. Another dilemma concerns th

A scary scene where some Bosnia closed the road while some prisoners who were destined to stand with their hands were among several clear sequences. “According to the peace agreement, these people must be demolished now,” Katya steam. “Do you want to go tell them?” Mambru answered. He did it, but not much good.

A perfect day
A perfect day

Working with cinematographers Alex Catalán, Director de Aranoa descended from several very authentic Table; The emergency conference room in a leaked building, with a gloomy plastic chair and a puddle of small water on the concrete floor, especially arousing. This aspect, and alert work – but-life by excellent cast, making “a perfect day” register slightly sharper than some of the more ordinary irons (but exactly) may be in the hands of lower filmmakers.

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