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A Clockwork Orange: Battling with Kubrick’s Most Controversial Movie | Far Flungers

And there’s that notorious scene the place Alex sings the titular tune from a sure well-known Hollywood musical film as he and his gang savagely assault a middle-aged author and his spouse. Kubrick presents Alex and his gang’s sheer atrocities together with his personal chilly and indifferent perspective, and that makes this scene all of the extra chilling—particularly when Alex gleefully stares on the author (and us) proper earlier than raping the author’s spouse. The film fortunately doesn’t present the whole lot, however the horror of what’s going to quickly occur to that poor lady is kind of visceral to us, and we come to really feel extra repulsion than earlier than.

Nevertheless, as mirrored by its first-person narration, the film additionally appears to be forcing us into Alex’s sociopathic viewpoint. Normally aligning itself with no matter he heedlessly and sadistically revels in, the film usually finds itself on the verge of embracing his repellent nastiness, and it accordingly feels dangerously thrilling at instances. In any case, violence in movies is inherently stimulating in a method or one other, and even Kubrick can’t solely include that creative hazard.

Throughout its center act, the film makes an attempt to argue that Alex’s particular person violence is nothing in comparison with the systemic violence of his dystopian society. Not lengthy after he’s finally arrested after which incarcerated, he occurs to be chosen for an experimental rehabilitation undertaking promoted by the federal government, after which there comes one other iconic second of the movie. Via a really twisted Pavlovian process, he’s disadvantaged of his free will in alternate of changing into just about incapable of any sort of violence, after which he finds himself victimized lots as soon as he’s launched from the jail.

Are we imagined to be sorry for Alex round that time? What’s inflicted onto him is merciless certainly, however we’re additionally reminded of what a horrible legal he’s. When his “cured” standing is introduced in entrance of a bunch of essential figures, he seems pitiful and helpless on the floor, however he doesn’t deceive us in any respect. We will clearly sense that his violent nature nonetheless exists behind his seemingly passive face regardless of being artificially repressed for now, and we come to look at his following plight from the gap with out a lot pity or care.

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