5 'Knock Knock' Jokes By Sara Ali Khan That Are Too Good To Miss

Sara Ali Khan with brother Ibrahim (courtesy saraalikhan95)

New Delhi:

Happy birthday, Sara Ali Khan. The actress, who turns 26 today, took the country by storm when she made her debut in 2018 with the film Kedarnath. Her acting prowess and stunning looks aside, fans and followers of Sara love her for her honesty and sense of humour. Born to actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Amrita Singh, Sara often shares snippets of her personal life as well as professional developments on Instagram. And in trademark Sara style, she adds a dash of humour to each of these posts, in which the actress often ends up including her friends and family. From her “Namaste Darshako” catchphrase to her hilarious knock-knock jokes, Sara has carved a social media identity that is both unique and refreshing.

On Sara Ali Khan’s birthday, we look at some of her best knock-knock jokes — some that are just too good and some that are so bad that they are good.  

Let’s start with the latest of the lot where Sara Ali Khan used a knock-knock joke to break the news of a nose injury to her fans. In the video, Sara is seen with a cotton pad on her nose, saying, “Knock knock, who’s there? Knock. Knock, who? More like, knock out.” After this, she moves the pad and we can see the cut on her nose. Despite the injury, Sara showed us that her sense of humour was intact, with a funny caption that said, “Sorry, Amma, Abba and Iggy. Naak Kaat Di Maine [I have brought upon shame].”

Sara Ali Khan also manages to rope in her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan as the audience for many of her jokes. This one time, Sara stops Ibrahim in his tracks and says, “Knock knock.” To this, Ibrahim replies, “Who’s there?” “Abby,” says Sara. A seemingly confused Ibrahim asks, “Abby who?” and Sara begins to sing, “Abby birthday to you.” This was shared on Ibrahim’s birthday.

During the promotions of her film Coolie No 1, alongside actor Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan decided to share one of her famous knock-knock jokes with the star.  In a video, Sara starts with “knock knock.” To this, Varun asks, “Knock who?” “Cash,” says Sara. A perplexed Varun questions, “Cash who?” To this, Sara says, “No thank you, but I don’t mind some peanuts,” leaving poor Varun to make the connection between “cash who” and “cashew”.

In another video that had us laughing, Sara Ali Khan is seen with Ibrahim Ali Khan cracking not one, but two, jokes. First, she says, “Knock knock.” Ibrahim replies, “Who’s there?”  “Tank,” says Sara. “Tank who?” asks Ibrahim. “You’re welcome,” the actress said. While the “thank who- thank you” reference was lost on Ibrahim, Sara helped out by explaining. The second one went like this, “Knock knock…Who’s there? Hawai…Hawai who? I’m fine, thank you.” Ibrahim was at a loss for words and we can empathise. 

Yet another hilarious joke featuring the siblings. In it, Sara Ali Khan says, “Knock knock” to which Ibrahim Ali Khan asks, “Who?” Sara replies saying “any,” to this Ibrahim questions “any who?”. Delivering the punchline, Sara says, “Anything you do, I do better than you.” And, Ibrahim has a priceless reaction here. Check it out:

Well, we can’t help but admit that Sara Ali Khan’s jokes have given us a reason to smile on many dull days and hope that she has the brightest of birthdays today, filled with laughter and more.

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