Grab some popcorn and turn off the lights, you’re in for a spooky treat! The Insidious franchise has terrified audiences with some of the scariest demons in horror movie history. As you dive into the Further, be prepared to encounter malicious spirits that will haunt your dreams.

From the iconic Lipstick-Face Demon to the disturbing Man Who Can’t Breathe, this franchise has crafted a roster of otherworldly creatures guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat. Ranked from creepy to downright chilling, these are the scariest demons in the Insidious franchise that will leave you sleeping with one eye open.

6 The Doll Girl

The Doll Girl - Insidious

The Doll Girl is one creepy demon. With her pale, porcelain face and soulless black eyes, she’ll send chills down your spine as she slowly turns her head to stare right at you. Blink and you’ll miss her move, but look away for a second, and she might just appear right in front of you! This demonic doll seems to delight in terrorizing the living. She contorts her body in unnatural ways and moves in strange, jerking motions rather than walking. The Doll Girl is a master of manipulation, able to make people see and experience their worst fears.

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Encountering the Doll Girl in a dark hallway or small room is a heart-stopping experience. Her bizarre, stilted movements and ghastly appearance are the stuff of nightmares. Her goal appears to be inflicting as much psychological torment as possible before claiming her victims. She represents our primal fears of dolls coming to life with malicious intent. The Doll Girl is a formidable and harrowing demonic entity in the Insidious franchise that won’t easily be forgotten.

5 The Long-Haired Fiend

The Long-Haired Fiend Insidious

If you thought the Lipstick-Face Demon was terrifying, just wait until you meet his shaggy-haired counterpart. The Long-Haired Fiend is all wild locks and gnashing teeth, and he’s coming for you! This sinister spirit stalks the victims of the Further through the dingy hallways of the Lambert family home. With claws like daggers and a mane as dark as the void he crawled from, the Long-Haired Fiend is a menacing monstrosity you’ll never forget.

When he appears, fleeing is futile. Your only hope is to avoid direct eye contact, back away slowly, and pray he doesn’t lunge! If he spies you, he’ll charge at breakneck speed, hungry jaws snapping. Your heart will pound as his rattling shrieks fill the air. Escape is unlikely, so brace yourself for his bone-chilling wail of victory as he descends upon you! His surprise entrances, breakneck sprints, and cacophonous cackles make him one of the scariest demons in the franchise. This shaggy-haired terror still haunts our dreams with his gnarled claws and gruesome gullet. Here’s hoping you never encounter those wild locks and gnashing teeth in the gloom of the Further!

4 The Key Demon

The Key Demon - Insidious

The Key Demon is one of the scariest entities in the Insidious franchise. This creepy creature holds the keys that can lock or unlock “The Further” – the demonic realm where spirits dwell. This freaky figure wears a long black cloak and a disturbing burlap sack over its head with a single keyhole cut out for its piercing red eye. Whenever the Key Demon emerges from the shadows, you know something terrifying is about to happen. Its ominous presence signifies that the barriers between the physical world and The Further are weakening.

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Director Adam Robitel decided to introduce this demon in Insidious: The Last Key. Its sudden appearances and slow, unsettling movements make your heart race every time. The way it tilts its head from side to side as if studying potential victims gives you the chills. When it lifts its arm to point a gnarled finger, you know it has chosen its next target. The mystery surrounding its motives and origins – as well as its creepy, otherworldly design – make it a truly unforgettable villain that haunts your nightmares.

3 The Wheezing Demon

The Wheezing Demon - Insidious

The wheezing demon is one creepy creature! This sinister spirit actually possesses human victims and uses their physical form to get around, all while emitting an ominous wheezing sound. Definitely, not something you want to encounter in a dark hallway. When this ghoul takes over a person’s body, their eyes turn a freaky milky white, and they walk with a strange limp, wheezing and gasping with every step. Spooky! The wheezing demon first appeared in Insidious: Chapter 3, using Parker Crane’s body to terrorize the Lambert family.

If you hear that spine-chilling wheeze coming from somewhere in your house, get out of there quickly! This freaky fiend means business and will stop at nothing to scare the living daylights out of anyone in its path. Not to mention it has a habit of appearing out of nowhere to deliver a good shock. The wheezing demon ranks high on the scare scale because it plays on such a primal fear – that our own bodies could be used against us. The creepy sounds it makes are enough to send shivers down your spine. Definitely, a demon you don’t want to tangle with, even in your worst nightmares!

2 The Bride in Black

Insidious The Bride in Black
Image via Universal Pictures

The Bride in Black is one of the most sinister spirits in the Insidious franchise. This vengeful demoness is not to be trifled with! According to legend, she was jilted at the altar and went on a rampage, killing her groom and wedding guests before taking her own life. Yikes! Now she haunts the Further, lying in wait for unlucky souls to ensnare in her ominous veil. Once she ensnares you in her ghostly gown, she’ll drag you down into the depths of the Further, never to return. The Bride is a seriously spooky spirit you don’t want to meet in a dark seance!

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Encountering the Bride in Black in the Further is not for the faint of heart. Her ghastly visage, obscured behind a black veil, is enough to make you run screaming from the room. And if she catches a glimpse of you spying on her, you better hightail it out of there before she catches you in her clutches! The Bride in Black reminds us that love and revenge are a dangerous combination, even beyond the grave. Her tragic tale serves as a chilling warning for jilted lovers everywhere. So think twice before leaving someone at the altar, or you might just find yourself haunted by a vengeful spirit in black! The Bride in Black is one of the scariest spirits in the Insidious universe. Her ominous presence, tragic backstory, and thirst for vengeance make her a formidable foe you hope never to come across in the Further or anywhere else!

1 The Lipstick-Face Demon

Patrick Wilson as Josh sitting at the kitchen table with the Lipstick-Face Demon popping up behind him in 'Insidious.'
Image via FilmDistrict

The Lipstick-Face Demon is one creepy creature. When this ghoul shows up, you know things are about to get real in the Further. With its gruesome permanent smile and sinister sneer, this demon is seriously sinister. The Lipstick-Face Demon earns its name from the bright red slash across where its mouth should be, like some demented clown makeup. When it suddenly appears from the shadows, flashing that awful grin, you just know it’s up to no good. This wicked wraith delights in terrorizing the Lambert family at every turn, popping up when they least expect it. It lives to frighten, startling both the characters and viewers with its abrupt appearances. It represents the ultimate unknown evil inhabiting the Further, a malevolent force actively seeking to harm the living. Each time it emerges, you brace yourself for the mayhem that’s sure to follow.

This nefarious nature makes it a seriously spooky villain that’s guaranteed to give you the creeps. While the other demons seem content to remain in the background, the Lipstick-Face Demon takes center stage. It’s the main monster actively stalking the Lambert family through the franchise, becoming an iconic figure of terror in the Insidious series. With its ghastly grin and penchant for mischief, the Lipstick-Face Demon has carved out a place in horror history as one of the scariest demons on screen. This wicked wraith proves that in the Further, nothing is quite as frightening as an evil smile!

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