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It has taken two weeks, but now the first real major studio release slate shift induced by the writer’s and actor’s strikes has arrived.

Sony Pictures has announced a major overhaul of its upcoming film slate, pushing back multiple films, including several high-profile titles.

The most notable shift is “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse” has been removed from its planned March 29th 2024 launch and currently does not have a release date.

The film was already expected to be delayed anyway, as it was revealed back in June that the film wasn’t as far along as expected. At the same time, actress Hailee Steinfeld revealed she had done no voice-over work for the film yet.

The Marvel Comics-inspired “Kraven the Hunter” movie is being delayed nearly a year, the R-rated thriller moving from October 6th to August 30th 2024. Sony won’t release that film without a full marketing push with its stars like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ariana DeBose and Russell Crowe.

Without stars like Orlando Bloom and David Harbour to promote it, the studio’s “Gran Turismo” film has pushed back its release two weeks to August 25th, though it will continue with sneak weekend previews on its original August 11th date and the following weekend from August 18th.

The new “Karate Kid” movie is also relocating from June 7th 2024 to December 13th 2024. The film was still in development and was understandably stalled. The Marvel “Madame Web” film is moving up two dates to February 14th 2024, whilst Blumhouse’s “They Listen” which was slated for August 30th 2024 is now undated.

Both the already completed filming “Bad Boys 4” and the paused production “Venom 3,” which were previously undated, now have scored release dates of June 14th 2024 and July 12th 2024 respectively.

Finally, the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” sequel has been pushed from December 20th to March 29th 2024.

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