Remnant 2 offers multiple Archetypes to players at the start of the game, but other Archetypes, like the Summoner, can only be found during play. The Summoner Archetype revolves around summoning Root monsters as personal minions, sacrificing their lives and player health to annihilate enemies. When part of the Archetype’s sales pitch is “being evil”, it’s certain to be a fun kit.

The Summoner is one of the secret Archetypes of Remnant 2. These secret Archetypes cannot be chosen as a starter Archetype and instead pop up as players progress through the story. Players can unlock the Summoner Archetype once they visit Yaesha and collect a special form of currency only found in that world.

The Summoner Archetype’s Engram In Remnant 2

The official introductory page for the Summoner, with the character standing to the side of the screen.

Every Archetype has an Engram, a special item, that switches a character from one Archetype to that of the Engram. For example, Remnant 2‘s Gunslinger Archetype has an Iron Cylinder for its Engram. The Summoner’s Engram is the Tome of the Bringer, a creepy brown book with a skull wrapped in roots on the cover.

Similar to the Gunslinger Archetype, players will need to craft the Tome of the Bringer with Wallace from Ward 13 in order to unlock the Summoner in Remnant 2. Crafting this Engram has the same price as crafting the Iron Cylinder, with 1,000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and a special object. The Summoner needs a Faded Grimoire to craft the Tome of the Bringer, which they can only buy on Yaesha.

Where To Buy The Faded Grimoire In Remnant 2

The Bloodmon Altar shop page, showing the Faded Grimoire for sale.

The Faded Grimoire comes from Bloodmoon Altars found throughout Yaesha. Bloodmoon Altars act as merchants in Remnant 2, offering a variety of Summoner items. The Faded Fromoire costs 1,500 Scrap, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 15 Blood Moon Essence. Blood Moon Essence is a special material that can only be collected in Yaesha during a Blood Moon. If the Blood Moon is not active, players will need to leave and come back to Yaesha later.

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When the sky in Yaesha is red, the Blood Moon is active. During the Blood Moon, players need to hunt down glowing purple balls called Root Wisps. Each time a player shoots a Root Wisp, it will drop one Blood Moon Essence. Players will need to collect a lot of Blood Moon Essence to purchase all the items offered at Bloodmoon Altars.

Once they have 15 Blood Moon Essence they’ll be able to unlock the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2.

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