It’s done. Henry Cavill’s time on The Witcher has come and gone, leaving fantasy fans feeling a bit lost in his absence.

Of course, he’s still in the Netflix show’s first three seasons — delivering lead character Geralt with stunning skill — but season four will see him replaced by Liam Hemsworth. The reality of the situation is fully crashing down on fans, in the wake of the season three finale, and no one is pleased with the decision from Netflix. 

They do already have Cavill’s next role picked out, however, and — even if this pick doesn’t work out — we’ll see plenty of the talented actor in future roles. We won’t see him alongside beloved characters like Vesemir ever again, however, and that reality is hitting fans hard. 

Not even the debut of other fantasy favorites, like The Dragon Prince season five or The Little Mermaid — which recently made its VOD debut — is enough to ease the hurt. Cavill was simply too good in the role, and his love for the source material (which is rumored to be a culprit in his exit) showed through every moment of his portrayal. It seems impossible to think that Hemsworth could possibly live up to Cavill’s legacy, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix serves up in season four. 

There will be a season four of The Witcher — but will it be any good?

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Despite the cast shake-up, Netflix does plan to move forward with The Witcher. Season four of the series got a renewal before season three even dropped, but not everyone is sure this is good news. Sure, The Witcher is among far too few fantasy shows out there, and its production quality is solid, but will it be anywhere as good without Henry Cavill? That concern, paired with an overall downturn in quality over the course of the series, could doom season four long before it actually airs.

Geralt may be the White Wolf, but is he the strongest Witcher?

Kim Bodina as Vesemir in Netflix's 'The Witcher'
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Geralt of Rivia is hands-down the most well-known Witcher out there, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the best. That title could arguably go to Vesemir, the rugged old warrior who helped train many of the School of the Wolf’s most talented Witchers. Or it could go to one of several other powerful Witchers who’ve spent their lives ridding the world of monsters. In terms of overall kill count and battle capability, however — not to mention his skill in sussing out the true bad guy in a dispute — it’s hard to argue with Geralt’s track record. 

With The Witcher in the rearview, Henry Cavill fans have his next role ready

henry cavill sword
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It took a while, but The Witcher fanbase has come to terms with Henry Cavill’s exit. We’re ready to say goodbye — but only to his tenure as Geralt. His ousting from two major roles in 2022 — both Geralt and Superman — left fans with far too few Cavill options, despite incoming roles in Warhammer and The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. That’s encouraging many viewers to select another iconic franchise for Cavill, and one that he’d be perfect for. 

Fans have one persisting gripe with Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid

the little mermaid
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Disney’s revamped live-action Little Mermaid is officially available on VOD, along with all the flick’s bonus features and behind-the-scenes footage. One tidbit, nestled in among alternate design options for the flick, is rankling fans, as they witness what could have been.

Ariel’s hair was a bit of a sticking point for some viewers, who voiced disappointment over its rusty red shade. They were looking for a more vibrant red — like the one her animated counterpart sports — and the bonus features on The Little Mermaid’s VOD release reveals it almost happened. Early design shots showcase a much richer red color — along with a much-loved side part — but one that Disney clearly chose to ditch later in the development process.

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