WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Witcher season 3, part 1, as well as for Andrzej Sapkowski’s Time of Contempt.

What happens to Rience in The Witcher according to the books will be very fitting for the character that has been trying to capture Ciri for two seasons now. While Rience was recast for The Witcher season 3, the character has been hunting Ciri since The Witcher season 2. Who hired Rience to capture Ciri was finally revealed in The Witcher season 3, part 1’s ending, suggesting that Rience’s role in the story might be coming to an end.

The mystery of who was Rience working for set the tone for The Witcher’s big villain reveal. Geralt and Yennefer concluded that Vilgefortz was the one who hired Rience, adding another name to the list of characters who want to capture or kill Ciri. While Ciri still has a lot of threats to face, Rience’s fate in The Witcher will be very satisfying for the Princess of Cintra – and for the audiences.

Ciri Kills Rience In The Witcher Books: Here’s How It Happens

Rience burns a wooden staff with his hand in The Witcher season 3.

Ciri kills Rience in Time of Contempt in a rather cruel way. Rience and his partners had ambushed Ciri around an ice lake, believing it would be impossible for her to escape. However, Ciri outsmarted Rience and his partners and used the fog covering the lake in her favor. Ciri, wearing skates to help her move above the ice, would appear from the frog to attack Rience’s partners. One by one, Ciri defeated Rience’s allies, leaving him for last. Rience tried to use his magic to make the ice below Ciri crack, but his plan backfired.

The ice below Rience’s feet cracked, and the mage was now holding onto the edge of the ice for his life. In a satisfying moment, Rience begged Ciri to save him, offering to tell her where Yennefer could be found. Ciri refused, and the irony of Rience’s fingers now being the only thing keeping him alive was not lost on the Princess of Cintra. Cirila, still wearing skates, ran over Rience’s hand, cutting his fingers and separating him from the ice. The mage that used fire to attack Ciri so many times was now doomed to die freezing while Ciri watched him drown.

When Will Rience Die In The Witcher Show (& Will Ciri Still Kill Him)?

Rience casting a fire spell in The Witcher season 3

Considering that Rience has been hunting down Ciri since The Witcher season 2, it would make sense for The Witcher season 3, part 2 to finally kill him off based on what happens in Time of Contempt. While it is fun to see Yennefer and Geralt defeating Rience every time he appears, a villain can only be defeated so many times before they lose their appeal. The Witcher season 3, part 1 ends with the Thanedd coup, a mage civil war between Nilfgaard loyalists and those still aligned with the North. The chaos of the Thanedd coup might lead to Rience once again trying to capture Ciri.

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Assuming that Rience dies in The Witcher season 3, it is likely that Ciri kills him on the show. While how exactly Ciri kills Rience could be changed, it would make sense for Ciri’s story if she kills Rience. Ciri has been training to protect herself since The Witcher season 2, and overcoming the mage who has been trying to kill her for months would be a fitting conclusion for this arc. The Witcher season 3, part 1 saw Ciri killing a monster, very much like a witcher does, proving that she is ready to fight someone like Rience.

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