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Artificial Intelligence is nothing to play with even though apps are being handed out like toys for the world to enjoy. So, it looks like Jennifer Lopez wanted to have some fun with the idea in her latest commercial for Virgin Voyages and it’s hilarious.

It’s no secret that JLo can sell anything from albums to movies and anything else she wants. What do AI and Virgin Voyages have to do with each other? It’s the hope that Virgin Voyages isn’t out there with AI captains on a ship steering the boat. The world just had a tragedy with the Titan and it was manned. We don’t need another episode like that.

No, this is another thing entirely. This is a commercial and it has all the funny that AI can provide. Putting on those headsets that cover a person’s eyes sends them to an entirely different environment, and it’s fun to be transported to the jungles of Africa or the beaches of Morocco. Just remember that another person can come behind you and put that same headset on and the virtual person takes on an entirely new personality.


Birthday. Anniversary. Because you just want to live in the NOW 🎉 Let me personally invite your friends to celebrate at sea. Create a customized message using the @Virgin Voyages next Jen(eration) AI tool (link in bio).

♬ original sound – JLO

“It’s not just a yacht! It’s a super yacht!”

How many of you want that commercial to go on forever with JLo doing all those personalities? I know I can watch it for days.

Everyone’s a Virgin now. Just to make it clear, WGTC doesn’t sell tickets to the show. We’re not affiliated or anything. We just like the commercial.

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