While Young Sheldon’s workplace plots haven’t been working for some time, season 7 of The Big Bang Theory spinoff has the tools to fix this issue. Workplace plots were a mainstay of The Big Bang Theory. Outside of Leonard’s love life, there was no subject that The Big Bang Theory relied on as much as Sheldon’s many battles with colleagues, university officials, and other professional bodies. However, Young Sheldon has not been able to recapture this magic. Perhaps because the rest of the Cooper family’s stories are more dramatic, Sheldon’s work stories usually fall flat.


While the Young Sheldon season 6 finale avoided its Sheldon problem by putting the character on a plane to Germany, the rest of the season wasn’t so lucky. The issue with Sheldon’s tiresome work stories was epitomized in the multi-episode grant database arc. The grant database storyline didn’t work because its beats were too familiar. As usual, Dr. Linkletter and the cynical college President were opposed to Sheldon’s antics, and, as usual, the bemused Sturgis was charmed by them. Luckily, Young Sheldon season 7 has already introduced a way to improve this tried routine.

Sheldon Going To Germany Will Fix His Work Dynamic

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While little consequence came from the grant database storyline, Young Sheldon season 6 found a fix for this issue. Young Sheldon’s Pastor Jeff return saw the villain pay for Sheldon’s trip to Germany and, in the process, deprived the spinoff of its oldest villain. However, this could also reinvigorate Sheldon’s workplace storylines. If Sheldon begins working with scientists from other universities further afield, this would give him new egos to bounce off and new challenges when it comes to casting a wider communication net in the ‘90s. It is possible that Sheldon could return to Germany, although he would likely face challenges around funding and visas.

What would be better would be for Sheldon would be working with international colleagues while still operating out of his Texas university. This way, Sheldon wouldn’t be interacting with Linkletter and Sturgis as usual, but would instead have new colleagues to torment. However, he would still be at home, meaning Young Sheldon’s George and Mandy plot, its Missy story, and its George and Mary arc could all remain intact. Consequently, Sheldon gains a whole new set of co-workers without leaving his family behind. This approach would allow Young Sheldon season 7 to get the best of both worlds.

Sheldon Can Work In Texas And Germany In Season 7

Young Sheldon season 6 finale with Sheldon and Penny's hug in TBBT.

Young Sheldon season 7 must change Sheldon’s work dynamic and Sheldon working with German scientists while he is still in Texas could be the best way to do so. Not only that but setting up Sheldon’s wider work world would allow the character to eventually transfer elsewhere. Viewers know that Sheldon ends up in California thanks to The Big Bang Theory, but the spinoff has never explained his career trajectory in depth before. However, Young Sheldon season 7 could do this by following Sheldon’s attempts to broaden his professional horizons. This could allow The Big Bang Theory spinoff to depict all manner of workplace disasters as Young Sheldon’s hero tries to juggle colleagues in both Texas and Germany.


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