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When you think of the best time loop movies, action and sci-fi are generally the first couple that come to mind through such widely-adored titles as Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code, Boss Level, Predestination, and many more. Outside of the all-time classic Groundhog Day, comedy hasn’t got much of a look-in, but Netflix has sought to remedy that with Still Time.

Taking the classic tropes of the subgenre and bolting them onto an entirely formulaic romantic comedy, the film finds idyllic couple Dante and Alice enjoying their whimsical relationship. However, he can’t help but shake the nagging feeling that life is passing him by, which becomes more obvious than ever when he wakes up one day to find that time has skipped forward a year.

via Netflix

Not only that, but his partner is four months pregnant. He wakes up again, and now he’s got an infant daughter. With existence coming thicker and faster than he ever could have anticipated, he’s forced to reckon with and understand the preciousness of time before it slips right out of his fingers.

It’s a decent enough conceit, and one that’s evidently strong enough to sink its hooks into Netflix subscribers, seeing as Still Time is currently the fourth most-watched feature on the streaming service’s charts. Per FlixPatrol, director Alessandro Aronadio’s fantasy-tinged dramedy has cracked the Top 10 in 44 countries dotted around the globe to become the latest international original to make a serious splash, and there’s nary a serial killer of CGI-assisted explosion in sight.

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