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The Eras Tour opened Friday night, and Swifties were treated to a performance that made them scream out of their minds. The pop icon took a page out of James Cameron’s book with a stunning water element on the opening night of her massive Eras Tour. Swift seems to dive into a pool and swim the length of the long catwalk runway that extends from the main stage, only to emerge gain and climb into a hovering cloud.

Most musicians simply get on stage and rock their music for the audience with just their instruments and their voices. However, great performers have a way of turning a simple show into a jaw-dropping spectacle, and Taylor Swift is one of them.

Hers is not simply a concert, but an extravaganza complete with mesmerizing graphics, stunning movements, and perfect timing on everything from the first moment to the last. It takes time and talent to make a show that great and Swift has put everything she has into The Eras Tour. Who could possibly have a problem with that?

However, there are haters everywhere. But don’t worry, Swift’s ocean of talent is helping the fans wash out the haters by defending their queen at all costs.

Let the haters be mad all they want because Swift is the center of attention right now and no one’s going to take their eyes off of her any time soon.

It’s very clear where the fans stand and the thing about it is, they outnumber the haters because they come just as wide and ten deep.

The hate comes because fans of other performers don’t like to see anything that outshines their fave. Yes, Sza has a show too that is quite exciting but the same? No.

How many trends does Swift have to set and how many awards does she have to win until the haters sit down and realize she’s the real deal?

How about going to a show and enjoying it for a change instead of looking for anything to nitpick simply because she’s the biggest star in the universe right now? By the way, is this a MGK reference?

If it’s the only concert a fan ever gets to watch, it’s enough. It’s a larger-than-life experience that true fans will feel for days after and remember forever.

It would be nice for Twits to focus on the quality of the work and the effort that’s being put into the show.

The Eras Tour will last all summer until August 9, 2023, so find a venue and enjoy the show. If anyone tries to drag you down, just take Swift’s classic advice on haters and shake ’em off.

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