SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2023 REVIEW! An ex-Circle Jerk gets down to work in writer/director Dmitri Coats’ cult-as-f**k feature Free LSD, starring the punk band Off! Keith (Keith Morris) is an old hairy geezer who runs an old-timey adult book beat-off palace. One day Cici (Chelsea Debo) saunters in with pink hair and no bra, looking for a porn DVD to give as a gift. How quaint. She buys a kinky alien one and invites Keith to the hipster coffee airstream she works at. That night Keith hosts a live online UFO show with special guest Jack Rogers (Dana Gould), who got grabbed.

Cici says before passing out, she got really h***y and pulled him into the back for a suck.”

The next day Cici is waiting outside Keith’s public sperm barn with some delicious coffee. She confides in him how she is into old geezers and makes a date to meet him later. When she steps outside the store, a car with a license plate that reads Wrongdoer1 pulls up. The sinister dude inside (Chris D.) glares at Cici with his jet-black eyes. Veins start jumping on Cici’s face, and she collapses. Keith pulls her in to wipe the blood from her nose. Cici says before passing out, she got really h***y and pulled him into the back for a suck when Keith produces nothing but a wet noodle; Cici storms off and stands him up later.

While driving home, the sinister dude follows Keith in his car, pausing only to beat to death a homeless man (James Duval). Alone at night, Keith sees an ad for a local Boner Doctor (David Yow) who can get his shaft pointing skyward again. The Boner Doctor gives Keith an eyedropper full of liquid cure, which sends him into another reality. Keith is suddenly the lead singer of the punk band Off! kicking a*s onstage. In reality, he and his bandmates, who all have counterparts in the greasy mundane world, are being hunted by aliens with black eyes, including Nina (Chloe Dykstra) with red hair. Dimension dripping and drug sipping hi-jinx ensure, with lots of folks being brutally in jolly ways. Don’t worry, LSD makes its way into the story, and it is included for free as part of the record sleeve of all copies of Off!’s album Free LSD sold within the world of the movie.

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