Titans & Doom Patrol Cancellations Didn’t Come From DC Studios

Following the cancellations of Titans and Doom Patrol on HBO Max, DC Studios co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn weighs in on the shows coming to an end.

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn weighs in on the Titans and Doom Patrol cancellations. 2022 was a rough year for DC fans, and 2023 is no exception as Warner Bros. Discovery continues its restructuring. After running for 4 seasons each, both Titans and Doom Patrol were cancelled this week by HBO Max. Launched by Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti, Titans and Doom Patrol were two of the streaming service’s biggest DC TV properties. While Doom Patrol was initially conceived as a Titans spinoff, the show eventually disconnected itself from the other. Both series have six episodes left to air as part of their fourth seasons, which drop sometime this year on HBO Max.


With Titans and Doom Patrol cancelled, fans are taking to social media to share their disappointment with the series coming to an end. However, some are suspecting the newly launched DC Studios is one of the causes for Titans and Doom Patrol getting scrapped at the streaming service.

Many have inquired with DC Studios co-CEO Gunn about the Titans and Doom Patrol news. Gunn responded to one user who was questioning the company’s apparent hand in axing the projects. The filmmaker stressed that he had nothing to do with the decisions in Titans and Doom Patrol coming to an end after almost half a decade. Gunn also wished everyone involved the best of luck with their future projects. Peter Safran and Gunn were appointed the heads of DC Studios in November, meaning they had no involvement with either show.

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Could Titans & Doom Patrol Join James Gunn’s DCU?

Titans And Doom Patrol Custom Image

While Titans and Doom Patrol will end later this year, there is also the question of whether they could continue elsewhere. Gunn and Safran are currently mapping out their plans for the new DC Universe, replacing the former DCEU. With a reboot seemingly on its way, that doesn’t rule out the usage of the multiverse in the new DCU. That’s why it begs the question if Titans and Doom Patrol could somehow take part in the DCU that Gunn and Safran are crafting for DC Studios.

Titans takes place on Earth-9, while Doom Patrol exists on Earth-21 in the larger multiverse. If Gunn wants to use those exact versions of the characters, a multiverse story would have to be done in order to make it happen. However, the easier option would be to use the same actors, but have them play fresh versions of their respective characters in the DCU. That way, it avoids stepping on anything that Titans and Doom Patrol did with those iterations of the characters, while letting the actors continue in a new way with the DCU.

Titans & Doom Patrol’s Cancellations Are Just The Latest For HBO Max

Robin in Titans and the Doom Patrol

Titans and Doom Patrol getting canceled is coming in the midst of HBO Max axing multiple series, both ongoing ones and projects that were in development. One of the latest cancellations was for the Gossip Girl sequel, which will end this month after only two seasons. The streaming service has also been removing multiple shows that were available on the platform as part of the studio’s tax write-downs. This comes following comments from the CFO of Warner Bros. Discovery, Gunnar Wiedenfels, that indicated they were done with axing projects. Hopefully soon, HBO Max will reveal the premiere dates for Titans and Doom Patrol season 4, part 2, as fans get ready to bid farewell to the series.

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