RRR’s S.S. Rajamouli & James Cameron Chat


In a clip that has gone viral since it was uploaded a few hours ago, filmmakers S. S. Rajamouli (“RRR”) and James Cameron were caught on camera conversing at the Critics Choice Awards the other week.

During their meeting, Rajamouli praised Cameron for his work and how it inspired him. From there, Cameron goes on a long chat praising Rajamouli’s work on “RRR” and going to his favorite parts of the film.

This leads to Rajamouli saying that this is more important than any award: “These words from you are more than an award for me. I mean, I can’t believe that you saw the film and you’re analyzing my film. Oh my god.”

Cameron continued, praising composer M.M. Keeravani and how the music made him want to jump to his feet: “There are moments in that film where I just had to get up. I’m talking about watching it at home, I’m standing up!”

Cameron congratulated them on capturing the praise of the world and tells Rajamouli that if he ever wanted to make a film for Hollywood, they could talk.

It’s a nice little bit of filmmakers getting along. Three-hour historical fantasy “RRR” landed a Best Song nomination at the Oscars for “Naatu Naatu”. If it wins an Oscar, like it won the Golden Globe the other week, it would be the first Indian film to do so.

“RRR” can currently be seen on Netflix.

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