Ray Stevenson Replaces Spacey In “1242”


Ray Stevenson (“Black Sails,” “Thor,” “Punisher: War Zone”) has been set to lead the cast of the historical drama “1242: Gateway to the West” currently filming in Budapest.

Stevenson takes on a role that was initially to be played by Kevin Spacey who was removed from the project by producers last year following news of additional sexual assault charges against the actor.

Neumark-Jones plays a profoundly spiritual man of Hungarian Castle Esztergom who must confront and halt the Great Mongolian Army led by Batu Khan (Bold Choimbol), grandson of Ghengis Khan, from invading Europe in 1242.

The story focuses on their unlikely meeting during the Mongolian Lunar New Year when hostilities are paused. Stevenson will portray Papal Legate Cesareani, a secret Mongol ally who plays a key role as go-between.

Stevenson, who most recently played lead antagonist in SS Rajamouli’s Oscar-nominated hit “RRR,” joins the likes of Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”), Michael Ironside (“Top Gun”), Neil Stuke (“Sliding Doors”), David Schofield (“Gladiator”), Jeremy Neumark-Jones (“Denial”), and Genevieve Florence (“Avenue 5”).

The UK-Hungary-Mongolia-Australia co-production is being directed by veteran director Péter Soós from a script written by Áron Horváth and Joan Lane. Bill Chamberlain and Kornél Sipos produce. Mike Moren is scoring the film.

Source: Deadline

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