Cornish Gives “Attack the Block 2” Update

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As previously reported, British filmmaker Joe Cornish is returning to the territory of his directorial debut with a long-gestating sequel to his 2011 sci-fi action-comedy feature “Attack the Block”.

In addition, John Boyega is returning to star as the character Moses which served as his breakout role. The original film centers on a teenage street gang who have to defend themselves from predatory alien invaders on a council estate in South London during Guy Fawkes Night.

Though an underperformer at the box-office, it was critically well-received and has become a cult hit. Whilst plot details on the sequel are under wraps, and no other cast is confirmed, Cornish offered an update on the project to The Kingcast this week.

Chatting with the podcast and transcribed by Fangoria, Cornish explained where things stand and how he plans to go decidedly bigger this time out:

“We have a very detailed treatment and a storyline we’re very, very excited about – and when I say ‘we,’ I mean me and John Boyega, who [I’m co-producing the film with] and consulting very closely with – and we’re doing all the research to make sure we get it right…

We’re very, very quietly confident and excited about what we’ve got. We think about Alien and Aliens and Terminator and Terminator 2, and we wanna take a shot at doing our version of what people did for [those movies].”

In both cases, the James Cameron-directed sequels to “Alien” and “The Terminator” took a smaller scale story and expanded it to include not only much bigger scale action but new character, more dangerous threats and more.

Studiocanal, Film4, Complete Fiction Pictures & UpperRoom Productions are producing the sequel.

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