‘Yellowstone’ Fans Theorize the Return of This Character Signifies Certain Death

Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in Yellowstone

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Yellowstone fans have come to expect certain things from the tumultuous story of the Dutton family, one of which is the untimely — though sometimes deserved — deaths of characters, both fan favorites and enemies. Taylor Sheridan doesn’t pull punches regarding the Dutton family and those who dare stand against them. From John Dutton’s son Lee in season one to Jamie’s biological father in season four, the demise of critical characters in the series almost pushes forward the storyline.

One storyline that will inevitably end in death is that of the relationship between Jamie and Beth Dutton; the sibling pair have had a broken relationship since they were teenagers, and it seems like they’d rather draw blood than find a truce with each twist and turn that life brings them. Most recently, Jamie decided to wage the ultimate war against his family. Through that battle and his growing bond with Sarah Atwood, he’s ready to take the irredeemable step of placing a bounty on his sister’s head.

Beth is playing a similar game, and she knows that for her own survival, Jamie’s existence must be stomped out. In the last scene before the midseason hiatus, we see Beth and her father, John Dutton, lost in conversation about the train station and how Jamie needs to be the next person to take a ride upon it. There’s a clear path to the end here, and it’s a funeral for one of the Dutton siblings. However, some fans wonder if Summer Higgins returning for season five might mean an early demise for her character.

Not only did Summer come back for season five, but she is also living in John’s home on the ranch. With Jamie and Sarah Atwood sharing a conversation about a hit man, it’s possible that she could be a causality of mistaken identity. A fan on Reddit brought up the idea, which is something many other viewers have considered.

While Beth and Summer have apparent differences in physical traits, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that one of them could be mistaken for the other in the heat of the moment. Mainly because, as fans know, Jamie doesn’t always fill in all of the dots on the standardized test, so to speak. This fan hopes that the theory is correct — as did many others.

Summer is a polarizing character, and many would be glad to see her go for many reasons. She’s not someone easy to love, she’s outspoken against almost everything the Duttons stand for, and she came in with an intense urge to destroy the ground John stood upon. Someone who hated her more than most was Beth Dutton herself — so fans are wondering why the loss of Summer, especially if it meant Beth would live, would impact anyone. This fan has a solid idea.

They make a good point regarding Summer being killed on Dutton territory. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility, but it would be an almost impossible thing to explain to a judge. Of course, if Jamie thinks that deep into the situation, it could be something he’s considered a possibility; either way the cards fall would be a win for the estranged son.

No matter what happens, it’s clear that this part of the Dutton storyline is one for the ages; it will rock the family we know and love in a way unlike anything we’ve seen before. That says a lot about the high stakes at play here.

Of course, some fans also think about the future and say that Jamie will likely be dead before a hit could even be ordered. Secrets don’t keep at the Yellowstone, and when Rip finds out that Jamie wants to kill his sister, well — we know what Rip Wheeler does with the trash.

When Yellowstone returns after its midseason hiatus, fans will undoubtedly be taken on quite a journey. We’ve yet to see many things from season five, and we’ve still not forgotten about the incinerator, either. The Duttons are set to return this summer, and it’ll be an epic ride to the Yellowstone when they do — so saddle up!

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