Live-Action “Invincible” Film Still In Works

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The other day came the good news that the second season of Amazon Prime’s acclaimed adult animated TV series adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s superhero comic “Invincible” was finally coming this year. The update came after nearly two years of dead silence regarding the new run of episodes.

A similar story could be said of the long-gestating live-action film adaptation of the property, which last got an update around the same time. At that point in very early 2021, Kirkman said there was a “two-track plan” for “Invincible” with both the animated series at Prime Video and a film series in development at Universal Pictures.

At the time, he also said the film would have “some significant differences” from the series and thus wouldn’t have any issue being potentially on at the same time.

Now in a new interview with, “The Walking Dead” creator Kirkman offered an update on the film’s status saying:

“We’re very much still working on that. Sometimes movies take a little bit longer. I think it’s safe to say, if anything, the show has just helped that immensely. People are very excited about that movie potential at Universal. So we’re riding that excitement and trying to push things forward as quickly as possible.”

First published in 2003, the story follows a normal teenage high school student named Mark Grayson who has just one difference between him and his peers – his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, and he, too, will inherit his own set of superpowers.

The likes of Steven Yeun, J. K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Mark Hamill, Seth Rogen, Walton Goggins, Zazie Beetz and more lend their voices to the TV series. The film previously had Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen attached as writer/directors. Whether that’s still the case is unclear.

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