Les Combattantes

via Netflix

It’s fitting that in the same week Netflix’s remake of All Quiet on the Western Front landed a massive 14 nominations at the BAFTAs, the streaming service’s latest original offering revolving around World War I has made an instant impact on the most-watched charts, with France’s Les Combattantes getting off to a strong start.

Also known as Women at War for the benefit of English-speaking audiences, the sweeping eight-episode miniseries has become one of the top-viewed episodic exclusives Netflix has to offer a mere 24 hours after premiering. As per FlixPatrol, the interconnected saga of four women and their respective destinies rocketed right onto the Top 10 in 32 countries around the world, more than enough to see it rank high on the global charts.

Les Combattantes
via Netflix

The narrative intersects the stories of four women who couldn’t be more different, but all find themselves locked together through fate and circumstance as German troops begin advancing through their home country. Parisian prostitute Marguerite, family-run factory operator Caroline, feminist nurse Suzanne, and Mother Superior Agnes of a requisitioned covenant are the entry points into Women at War, which has served to underline the Netflix customer base’s love of a wartime epic.

It remains to be seen if the historical drama can make its way further up the worldwide Top 10 as the weekend progresses, especially with stiff and competition being provided on all fronts from such disparate genres as fantasy, horror, comedy, and reality TV, but it would be foolish to bet against it regardless.


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