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James Wan’s Atomic Monster is teaming up with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Westbrook Studios on the urban nature docuseries “Concrete Jungle”. The project is based on an original idea from Wan and his wife Ingrid Bisu, both of whom co-wrote and produced cult smash “Malignant”.

Dubbed “not your typical natural history show” and with both a dark and yet occasionally comedic perspective, the series follows the “grungy, hardened, and clever critters abiding in the gritty Concrete Jungles of America”.

This includes bobcats, crows, coyotes, squirrels and various other creatures that live in our backyards and crawlspaces as they hunt and forage for food, mate, fight and engage in turf wars amongst themselves and other species – including humans.

Terence Carter and Sahara Bushue will produce, whilst Wan, Bisu and Michael Clear will executive produce. Westbrook previously delivered the adventure series “Welcome to Earth” on the Disney+ service.

Wan most recently produced the just released “M3GAN,” the upcoming “Salem’s Lot” remake, and directs the DC Comics adaptation “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”.

Source: Deadline


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