Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla.

The second installment of Netflix’s scheduled trilogy of Jeb Stuart‘s Vikings: Valhalla sees the season end with new revelations and a major death in the finale entitled, “The Reckoning.” Throughout Season 2, we witness the frayed journey of our three main characters as Freydis Eriksdotte (Frida Gustavsson) separates from Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett) and Harald Sigursson (Leo Suter). While Freydis’ journey takes her to the legendary Viking stronghold of Jomsborg to give birth to a son, Leif and Harald set off on a daring journey across the dangerous waters of the Baltic Sea to the major city of Constantinople. Though no longer together, the three each have an intriguing end to the second season that leaves the show primed for a third and final season.

Freydis, the Keeper of the Faith

Frida Gustavsson as Freydis Eriksdotter in Season 2, Episode 3 of Vikings: Valhalla..

Having been separated from her brother, Leif, and the father of her son, Harald, Freydis finds herself in the city of Jomsberg where she is initially welcomed with open arms by Harekr (Bradley James) and the clan of Jomsvikings. She is given the high honor of priestess and recognized as the mythical Keeper of the Faith and communicator with Odin and the Norse gods. She gives birth to a son who is then taken away by Harekr, who then tries to stage her death during childbirth, so that he can control the fate of the child and increase his power among the people of Jomsberg. After Freydis is proven to be alive, Harekr is exposed as a scheming liar and a traitor to all Jomsvikings and is stoned to death by a crowd of angry Vikings.

Later, she meets Olaf Haraldsson (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) who has arrived in Jomsberg with the intent of uniting them under the banner of Christ, but, as a believer in the old Gods and Keeper of the Faith, Freydis has other ideas. She sets a trap for Olaf’s men setting the water around their ships ablaze and outdueling Olaf and killing him. Olaf was also protecting King Canute’s son, Svein (Ethan Dillon), who is being recognized as the King of Norway in the absence of his father and grandfather, Forkbeard. He is taken back to Kattegat by Freydis and delivered to Queen Aelfgifu (Pollyanna McIntosh) in exchange for peace with the Christian Vikings of Kattegat.

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Leif Loses Yet Another Love

Sam Corlett as Leif Erikson in Vikings: Valhalla Season 2
Image via Netflix

At the end of Season 1, Leif was distraught and enraged over the loss of his love and fellow Greenlander, Liv (Lujza Richter). Season 2 sees the great Viking explorer and warrior fall for another woman, Mariam (Hayat Kamille) while visiting the city of Novgorod. She teaches him how to read and write while also opening his mind to a whole new spectrum of ways to view to world, and he is infatuated by her mind. They eventually enter into a relationship as Leif promises to fulfill her dream of taking her back home to the great city of Constantinople. But before the two are able to complete the long and treacherous journey across the icy waters of the Baltic Sea, she succumbs to an illness, and leaves Lei grief-stricken once again. But not before she gives him a key to her small house in the city beside the Tower of Belisarius that contains many things that will help him become the great explorer he is remembered as.

Harald Delivers More than He Expected in Constantinople

Leo Suter in 'Vikings: Valhalla'
Image via MGM Television

After arriving in the city of Novgorod to seek the aid of his uncle in raising money so that he can raise an army to challenge his brother Olaf as the King of Norway, he is met with a cold shoulder. While there, he is able to scrape together enough money, a skeleton crew, and a ship owned by a slave trader that he uses to take himself, Leif, and Miriam to Constantinople. The journey is dangerous, as the seas are icy and rough. Deadly, barbaric Vikings known as the Pechenegs also control the trade routes that they must pass through. There is another passenger on board who is carrying what Harald thinks is a special medallion that is to be given Emporer Romanos of Constantinople. The group passes successfully through the treacherous waters, barely escaping death at the hands of the Pechenegs, and the boat finally arrives in Constantinople.

During their journey, Harald has fallen for the young daughter of a nobleman, Elena (Sofya Lebedeva), who wears a precious medallion around her neck. Upon their arrival, Harald is surprised to learn that it was not the medallion that Emperor Romanos was expecting, but Elena herself, as the two are arranged to be married, leaving Harald blindsided by the revelation. This seems a little strange given that Freydis is alive and has given birth to their son. Shouldn’t he be thinking about her?

Queen Emma and Earl Godwin Play Deadly Games

Image via Netflix

Back in London, Queen Emma (Laura Berlin) is nearly poisoned, but is saved at the last moment by her advisor Earl Godwin of Wessex (David Oakes). Later, Emma discovers that the person who tried to kill her is the half-brother of Aelfwynn (Maria Guiver), her handmaid who is also to be wed to Earl Godwin. Naturally she is suspicious by the nature of their relationship and resorts to torturing Aelfwynn, ultimately killing her. The grieving Godwin instead marries Canute’s (Bradley Freegard) niece Gytha (Henessi Schmidt), who is of noble blood and therefore can bear Godwin a royal son that may threaten her stranglehold on Canute and her position as the queen.

So she goes and finds a person Aelfwynn gave up while being tortured known only as “The Bear.” She takes a guard with her to hunt down this man who is later identified as John Fletcher. She kills him but not before taking something from him to give to Gytha after she marries Godwin. It is a ring that Emma instructs Gytha to never take off. It is clear that Godwin is spooked by the ring as it is displayed later as the two consummate their union. What does the ring symbolize? Was Aelfwynn’s death a part of Earl Godwin’s plan all along? These are just a few of the questions that remained unanswered as we await a third season of the show due out some time next year.


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