Return to your favorite small Ontario town with Letterkenny season 11. The latest chapter of the hit Canadian sitcom finds the lovable community of hicks, skids, and hockey players once again dealing with the chaos of degens from up-country making their way south, influencers looking for a hot new spot to show off, and more.

Jared Keeso, creator and co-writer of Letterkenny, returns to lead the cast of season 11 alongside series vets Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K. Trevor Wilson, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Dan Petronijevic, Melanie Scrofano, Jacob Tierney, Lisa Codrington, Kaniehtiio Horn, Kamilla Kowal, Evan Stern, Tyler Johnston, and Mark Forward. Even after surpassing the milestone of 10 seasons, Letterkenny season 11 shows no signs of the creatives behind the show slowing down as it remains just as funny as the day it launched.


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In honor of the show’s return, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with Codrington and Mylett to discuss Letterkenny season 11, Canada’s unique love of chips, getting emotional for the first real time on the series, and the possibility of a crossover with spin-off show Shoresy.

Michelle Mylett & Lisa Codrington on Letterkenny Season 11

K. Trevor Wilson, Lisa Codrington and Michelle Mylett in Letterkenny

Screen Rant: I’m excited to get to chat with you both again for Letterkenny. I love that the opening episode is all about breaking down chip flavors, it is a debate that I feel like no show has ever tackled in this serious of a manner. We’ll start with Lisa and then Michelle, what was it like putting together this bottle episode of you all arguing?

Lisa Codrington: It was a lot of fun, it was a blast, like I take chips very seriously. I love chips, so I am here for a very serious and silly, full-on debate about what’s the best chip flavor. I totally got it, there was no like, “What’s this like? Why do people eat chips?” I was like, “I’m here. I get this. No work required, let’s debate the chips.” [I’ve got] strong feelings, too.

Michelle Mylett: Yeah, it was nice to be all together for that whole day, and kind of bizarre that is the most emotion we’ve ever seen in Letterkenny between the characters, and it’s over chips, but I think it’s a real Canadian thing, too. We have a lot of crazy chip flavors up here, and we’re proud of our chips, which sounds sad, but I think it’s kind of true. It was a really fun day, it was sort of like shooting a play. We had a lot of extras there, and it was quite over the top, and I think I cried actual tears in a few of the takes over the dill pickle chips. So we really went there.

Lisa Codrington: It was amazing, the tears over dill pickle. It was a moment, it was beautiful. Big tears.

Now do you feel as passionate about dill pickle chips in real life, or do you have a different flavor that you particularly love?

Michelle Mylett: I might not cry over dill pickle, but dill pickle is my favorite chip, and Jared knew that. So, I think that’s why he generously gave that one to me.

Lisa Codrington: I’m very basic, my favorite chip is like plain ripple, but like a good strong salt, though. It can’t be a reduced salt plain ripple, it’s gotta be like full salt.

At that point, you might as well not even have chips, right?

Lisa Codrington: Exactly, we’ll have just potatoes!

Tyler Johnston and Evan Stern in Letterkenny

Like you mentioned, Michelle, it’s great to have seen everybody come together in that scene, and one thing I always find interesting about those big group scenes is I’m curious if there’s any one actor in this entire group, whether it be each other or somebody else, who you always have the hardest time doing a scene with just because they are so good at making you break?

Michelle Mylett: For me, it’s the skids, it’s Tyler and Evan’s dynamic, I just find it so silly and their little bursts of choreography. Just knowing them well, and knowing how much time they spend together, and their personal dynamic as well as their on screen dynamic being eerily similar. They just crack me up a lot.

Lisa Codrington: I agree, I feel like it’s the skids for me, too. The choreography of their existence is just hilarious and ridiculous, and you never know what’s gonna happen each take. It’s always rising. I think also, Glenn, too, is just so wild and ridiculous, and you never know what’s gonna happen. I think they’re the ones who really [get me], and a little bit of Coach. There’s a lot of people actually, come to think of it. [Laughs]

Michelle Mylett: Jim Dickens, he makes me [crack up].

Lisa Codrington: Jim Dickens, too, yeah.

I was just talking to Tyler and Evan, and they were saying how Alex will even improv at both the beginning of ends of his Jim Dickens scenes. Did you both get the opportunity to do that throughout this season, and is there any one moment in particular that you loved to get to improv for your characters?

Michelle Mylett: It’s a pretty written show, and because the pace is so specific, we stick to the page for the most part. That said, when we’re rehearsing, there are opportunities to play around or bring an idea to the table. Sometimes it’s included and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think Jim Dickens is great [for that], because he’s auctioneering a lot of the time, so it is like he can kind of ad-lib and go as crazy as he wants, and that works within that setting. But when you’re having such a quick back and forth, and it’s so dependent upon pace, in almost the singsongy quality of Letterkenny, you can’t really go off, because it screws everybody else up. So, yeah, as much as there have been some moments that people have brought ideas to the table, and they’ve been included, we do need to rehearse it nine times out of 10.

Lisa Codrington: I agree, I can’t really think of any sort of moments that I’ve been proud about, I think a lot of times maybe it will be physical stuff, or a look, or things like that, that are sort of new and shift things. But the dialogue, from my experience, pretty much kind of stick to the page as well.

Michelle Mylett in Letterkenny

It does seem, like you both say, a very meticulously paced writing to stick to, but I’m glad that you at least get the opportunity to have a little bit of freedom here and there to throw some things in.

Michelle Mylett: To that point, Lisa and I actually — I forget why we did this, what were we doing?

Lisa Codrington: I don’t even remember, but we…

Michelle Mylett: We were working together on something in an earlier season, and I was like, “Oh my god, we should do in celebration of our win, or whatever, the handshake from The Parent Trap.” So, we rehearsed the handshake from The Parent Trap, and we both were like little kids, we were like, “Jacob, can we do this?” And they were like, “Okay?” So, they let us do it, and it made it into the season, and we felt very happy with it.

Lisa Codrington: We worked ridiculously hard on that, we really put the work in, so yeah, I’m glad it worked.

That’s awesome, that is not an easy handshake to recreate.

Michelle Mylett: Practice hard enough, you can do it too.

Lisa Codrington: It’s true. It’s true, gotta just put the work in.

Alex McCooeye in Letterkenny

I know that Jim Dickens and Gail were an item for a little bit, and I know with the leaked nudes episode that it’s brought up, but Lisa, what do you think is going on with with Gale and Dickens? Do you think they’re still a thing, or do you think they’re kind of exploring separate paths at this point?

Lisa Codrington: I think it’s different for both of them. I think Gail’s always like, “Look, I’m happy to be here, but I’m also happy to be over here.” She’s doing her thing, she’s got a lot of options that she’s investigating, I think you can always hold out hope for Jim and Gail. But, I think that, as Jim says, he would have never done that. But, who knows, they can get back together, maybe not, I just think Gail’s got a lot of people she needs to chill with, so he’s not the only one.

Michelle Mylett: I like Gail and Jim together.

Lisa Codrington: I know, it’s very sweet.

Michelle Mylett: I think he grounds you, or grounds Gail. [Chuckles]

Lisa Codrington: I’m not Gail, we’re not our characters. [Laughs]

When they first were shown to be a couple, I was like, “Oh, that’s actually a really good pairing,” so I hope to see more of them in the future. Speaking of, we so often don’t hear about the renewal of the show until you guys are already halfway through shooting. Has there been in the works more episodes coming down the line?

Michelle Mylett: I don’t know what we’re allowed to say, honestly, we just finished filming in October. But yeah, I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. [Laughs]

Lisa Codrington: Yeah, we finished filming in October. [Laughs]

Michelle Mylett: Then outside of that, we don’t know what’s up.

There was also the spin-off with Shoresy, and with season 2 announced, would you both ever want to go visit his show and see what he’s up to up north with his new characters?

Michelle Mylett: Yeah, I’d love to go in for a visit and visit our pals over there. Tiio is, I think, a producer on on it, and Jacob’s directing and Jonathan Torrens is in it, and then obviously Jared Keeso, so it’s always nice to have a visit with them. But yeah, I don’t know if those two worlds will collide ever, I’m not really sure about that show.

Lisa Codrington: Yeah, I [feel] similarly, who knows how far away Sudbury and Letterkenny are. Can the Letterkenny folks get there, is there a bus? Who knows? But, definitely, yeah, I want to stay tuned and see what’s happening on that show and all the fun similarities and differences that they’re playing with, I’m always interested and curious to see.

About Letterkenny Season 11

Nathan Dales and Jared Keeso in Letterkenny

The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked. In Season 11, the small town contends with the best chip flavors, lost dogs, an influencer invasion, Skid business, a mystery at the Church Bake Sale, unwanted guests at beer league, and the Degens stirring up trouble. And that’s just for starters.

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