Jane Foster only held the role of Thor for a short amount of time in comics, so it’s a good thing this epic cosplay brings her back with a vengeance!

Jane Foster once held the mantle of Thor, Goddess of Thunder, after the original incarnation of the character was deemed unworthy of the role, and now, in a jaw-dropping cosplay, it’s proven that out of all the heroes capable of harnessing the power of Mjolnir, Jane deserves another chance at wielding the iconic weapon more than anyone else!

Posted on @roguesgallerycosplay’s Instagram account, this cosplay duo is known for producing and wearing some of the most comic-accurate costumes this side of the MCU. Dressing as characters from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and even a few lesser-known comic properties like Red Sonja and Vampirella, @roguesgallerycosplay excels in bringing designs to life that not only look like they’ve walked off a professional movie set but also the latest comic book to hit store shelves too!


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A character that’s been part of Thor’s lore for decades at this point, Jane Foster becoming worthy of Mjolnir happened at a time when she faced her toughest challenge yet: beating cancer. Transforming into the Mighty Thor complete with a shiny set of Asgardian armor and flowing blonde hair, Jane went on to save countless lives across the Marvel Universe during her time in the role, ultimately succumbing to her illness in the pages of The Mighty Thor #705, by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, only to eventually live on as the hero Valkyrie in the aftermath of that heartbreaking event.

Jane Foster’s Thor Gets An Electrifying New Cosplay

Blurring the line between cosplay and comics in a way that many creative talents can’t, @roguesgallerycosplay, with the help of @gfxsoulstudios, gives fans the most badass version of Jane Foster they could ask for. Clad in a set of highly detailed Asgardian armor, comic-accurate helmet, flowing red cape, and of course, the one and only Mjolnir, @roguesgallerycosplay is shown flying at fans like a bat out of Hel, ready for any fight that might come her way. Covered in crackling blue lightning as she lets Mjolnir lead her through the air, @roguesgallerycosplay nails the heroic look of Jane’s Thor, with @gfxsoulstudios’ pitch-perfect photo editing highlighting how powerful she can be as a character, as well as how iconic her look is compared to her male counterpart in Thor Odinson.

So while Jane’s time as Thor was a short-lived but memorable one, she has since moved on to other roles within the Marvel Universe that keep her going as an important character for both comic readers and the fictional heroes of Marvel Comics alike. Luckily for fans, @roguesgallerycosplay replicates Jane Foster’s look perfectly, reminding them why she was one of the best versions of Thor to ever do it, and why she should be able to don the mantle one last time should the need call for it.

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