The next installment in the WWE 2K video game franchise could be a couple of weeks away from being revealed.

According to a new report from Insider Gaming, 2K is planning to hold an event in San Antonio, Texas on January 28, 2023, the same day as WWE is holding its highly anticipated 2023 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. WWE 2K23 is expected to be revealed there, and hands-on gameplay will also be available for those in attendance. There will also be details on this year’s upcoming 2K showcase, as well as the first news on a new game mode.

The report goes on to mention that on February 1, another announcement regarding WWE 2K23 is expected to be made, although it wasn’t specified exactly what that could be. While no release information on the next WWE 2K entry has been made official, Insider Gaming notes that the WWE 2K23 release date window is set for March 2023. This would make sense as it would coincide with the release of WWE 2K22, which released in March 2022.

Last year’s entry was the first WWE 2K game in a handful of years, as the series took a brief hiatus following WWE 2K19‘s poor release. In its return, WWE 2K22 featured an overhauled gameplay system, simplifying many of the game’s mechanics to focus more on the entertainment of wrestling. The game also featured a rebranded MyCareer mode, titled MyRise, which included a much deeper story-driven mode than before.


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