Found footage is the one sub-genre of horror that always seems to divide fans. With low-budget production and shaky-camera-style cinematography, it’s difficult to pull off. However, when done right it can make for an unforgettable movie. From The Blair Witch Project and its viral marketing campaign in the 90s, to modern favorites such as Paranormal Activity (which has since evolved into a popular franchise) and As Above, So Below, found footage has been holding its own in the horror genre for decades. There’s something about the style that rings truer than any polished Hollywood movie, and the stories often linger in the back of your mind long after the credits roll. The Outwaters is an upcoming found footage horror/sci-fi film, and is already pinging the radars of eager fans. Read on to find out everything we know so far about the movie.

Editor’s Note: This article was last updated on January 15 with the latest trailer and US release date.

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What Is The Outwaters About?

The Outwaters follows four young musicians and filmmakers as they adventure to the remote Mojave Desert in search of the perfect place to shoot their next video. It’s not long, however, before things start to take a sinister turn for the worse in the picturesque landscape. The Outwaters looks to be a gore-filled bloodbath from start to finish, and is said to have “cosmic” elements by people that have been lucky enough to catch early screenings. This, coupled with the fact that the film is labeled a sci-fi as well as horror, leads us to speculate that it’s not an undead entity terrorizing this unfortunate group, but something extraterrestrial. As recently seen in Jordan Peele’s Nope, aliens in modern horror make for a spine-chilling viewing experience. Add to that the found footage element, and The Outwaters seems to have all the makings of an instant fan favorite.

Is There a Trailer for The Outwaters?

There are currently three trailers for The Outwaters. The first was released on Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival’s official YouTube channel August 15, 2022. The second, advertised as a teaser trailer, was released on Cinedigm‘s official YouTube channel on October 11, 2022. In the first trailer, we see the group as they reach the end of their road trip and arrive in the beautiful and secluded Mojave Desert. With endless blue skies, wild donkeys, and a backdrop that would make any videographer swoon, things seem to be off to a flying start. However, when night falls, the tranquil atmosphere turns into the setting of a frenzied bloodbath. Without giving too much away, the shots in the latter half of the trailer suggest viewers are in for an absolute gore fest as the story unfolds.

The second trailer is completely, eerily silent. In the trailer, we see the reflection of a man, his face covered in blood, as he approaches a mirror. It’s difficult to know what kind of setting the man is in as darkness surrounds him, the flash on the camera only serving to illuminate the mirror and the blood glistening on his reflected face. A new trailer for the movie was released on January 12, 2023, which confirms the US release date:

Who’s In the Cast of The Outwaters?

Real life family members Robbie Banfitch and Leslie Ann Banfitch will play Robbie and Leslie Zagorac. The mother and son duo have previously collaborated on 2007’s White Light, and aside from The Outwaters they have two other upcoming movies, Tinsman Road and Exvallis. Filmmaker Robbie Banfitch is also credited as executive producer, writer, and director of The Outwaters as well as the other titles mentioned. Other cast members include Scott Schamell as Scott Zagorac, Angela Basolis (Advent) as Ange Bocuzzi, and Michelle May (Bikini Model Academy) as Michelle August.

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When and When Can You Watch The Outwaters?

Image via Cinedigm

The Outwaters will be getting a limited release in the US from Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting, releasing in select theaters on February 9, 2023. The film has been making its rounds at various film festivals across the United States since the beginning of 2022. The first early screening took place at the New Jersey Film Festival in February 2022. Screenings then followed at the Unnamed Footage Festival in March 2022, Panic Fest in April 2022, and Chattanooga Film Festival in June 2022.

Who Made The Outwaters?

The Outwaters production companies include 5100 Films and Fathom Films, the latter of which is responsible for all of Robbie Banfitch’s previous projects. It was recently announced that The Outwaters is a SCREAMBOX original, which means that it will be available to stream on their platform in due course. SCREAMBOX, along with Bloody Disgusting and Cinedigm, jointly own all North American rights to The Outwaters.

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More Movies Like The Outwaters That You Can Watch Now

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A short movie titled Card 0 is listed as an upcoming project on Banfitch’s IMDB. Although there is currently very little known about the movie, it is said to precede the events of The Outwaters. Below is the IMDB synopsis for Card 0: “Before Robbie Zagorac went missing in the Mojave Desert, he captured love, life, and heartbreak in a video diary.”

It is not yet known when Card 0 will be available to watch, but it seems the movie will provide some background to the events leading up to The Outwaters. But while you wait for The Outwaters and it’s possibly-a-prequel, here are some other movies you may like to watch:

Significant Other (2022): Young couple Ruth and Harry set out on a hiking trip in the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest. It’s clear from the outset that the trip was Harry’s idea, and the nervous and troubled Ruth grows more paranoid as they descend deeper into the woodland. Ruth, trying to warm to her surroundings, heads out alone on a short walk and has a life changing, terrifying encounter.

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The Blair Witch Project (1999): Three filmmakers travel to a small town in Maryland, where they begin investigating the legend of the Blair Witch. After speaking to local residents, the group camp in the forest, where it is said unspeakable acts took place many years ago. Unsettling events begin happening to the eager filmmakers, and it’s not long before they become lost and out of their depth. The Blair Witch Project is one of the most well-known found footage horror movies of all time, the entire storyline taking place on the handheld cameras belonging to the group.

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