Earthbreak Aethersand is a resource required to craft many of the late-game tools that Crafters and Gatherers to work more efficiently in FFXIV.

If Disciples of the Hand in Final Fantasy XIV are looking to craft jewelry with Zoisite or a lovely pot of Jhinga Curry, they must procure a Reagent known as Earthbreak Aethersand. This Aethersand variant is said to be a “coarse-grained, highly concentrated, aetherially reduced mineral matter that carries the distinctive scent of soil.” Most Warriors of Light will primarily seek after Earthbreak Aethersand to craft Craftsman’s Alkahest and Zoisite, two essential materials for the high-end gear pieces of the Indagator’s Tool and Accessory Set. Whether Crafters or Gatherers are trying to take their skills to the next level, both parties will need Earthbreak Aethersand for the new endgame equipment.


Earthbreak Aethersand can be acquired through three primary methods: the Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV, Aetherial Reduction of specific resources, or the many branches of the Scrip Exchange. Out of these three methods, Warriors of Light are recommended to perform Aetherial Reduction to get this Aethersand variation.

In particular, spearfishing for the Verdigris Guppy is an excellent and easily accessible method of farming Earthbreak Aethersand through Aetherial Reduction. The Verdigris Guppy’s spearfishing node can be found underwater at (X: 25, Y: 22) in Upper La Noscea.

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How To Farm Earthbreak Aethersand in FFXIV

Aetherial Reduction of Verdigris Guppy into Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV

According to gameplay footage by the Youtube channel Ashe10, the Verdigris Guppy is a “small fast-moving fish” that can be found at the coordinates mentioned above. Keep in mind that Collectables must be up for the fish to appear. Once players have caught the guppy, they can earn several stacks of Earthbreak Aethersand through Aetherial Reduction in FFXIV. The Verdigris Guppy is not the only source of this Aethersand. Sources at Prima Games have verified that a Nosceasaur, Earthen Quartz, and Sophora Roots have a chance of dropping the resource via Aetherial Reduction.

For reference, Nosceasaurs can be via Fishing at (X: 24, Y: 21) in Upper La Noscea, Sophora Roots can be gathered at (X: 10.6, Y: 34.8) in Labyrinthos, and Earthen Quartz is harvested from a node in Mare Lamentorum at (X: 21.7, Y: 34.7). Alternatively, players can visit the Scrip Exchanges throughout Hydaelyn and trade 300 Purple Gatherers’ Scrips for a stack of Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV. Like other Aethersand variants, the Earthbreak type can also be traded on the Market Board in FFXIV. However, due to the high demand for this resource, it is likely that many adventurers will not find the sand available on the market for the first few weeks after Patch 6.3.

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Source: YouTube/Ashe10 | Prima Games

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