Jenna Ortega recently voiced a big wish to have Lady Gaga appear in Wednesday season 2, and there’s a perfect way for the show to make that happen.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1.Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega has expressed her wish for Lady Gaga to be in season 2, and there’s a perfect way for the show to deliver on that. Following the release of season 1, the dance Wednesday performed at the Rave’N went viral on social media, specifically a variant that has Wednesday dancing to “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. The trend became so widespread that not only was “Bloody Mary” used for the season 2 announcement video, but Gaga, herself, performed her own version of the dance on TikTok.


Jenna Ortega was reportedly flattered to see Lady Gaga get in on the trend, which prompted Ortega being asked about the possibility of Lady Gaga joining Wednesday season 2. When asked, Ortega said that Netflix would love the idea and that if Gaga were to be on the show, she’d want her and Wednesday to be “two monsters that understand each other” (via Variety). Naturally, there’s very little information about season 2 at this point, but not only has Gaga already proven how good she would be for a show like Wednesday, but there’s also already a perfect way for her to be brought into the show.

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Lady Gaga As Nevermore’s New Principal Would Be Great For Wednesday Season 2

Gwendoline Christie as Principal Larissa Weems in Wednesday

The best way for Lady Gaga to appear in Wednesday season 2 would be as Nevermore’s new principal. Season 1 ended with Principal Weems being killed by Laurel Gates, so part of Wednesday season 2 will undoubtedly involve Nevermore having a new principal and whatever sort of changes they bring to the school. As such, having Gaga be Nevermore’s new principal would be the easiest way to give her a potential role in the show.

Having Lady Gaga be the new principal of Nevermore would also be a great benefit to Wednesday’s character. Going off of Jenna Ortega’s comments about her wanting Wednesday and Gaga’s potential character to be “two monsters that understand each other,” Gaga’s character could be the first adult in the series Wednesday can find common ground with, likely due to some sort of similar circumstances between the two of them. Something like that could help progress Wednesday’s arc of learning to open up to people, so the show would certainly benefit from its inclusion.

Lady Gaga Already Proved She Can Act In A Horror Show

Lada Gaga as Scáthach in American Horror Story

Lady Gaga would be an excellent addition to Tim Burton’s Wednesday, and she’s already proven that she can act in a horror show with American Horror Story. In AHS season 6, otherwise known as Roanoke, Gaga played Scáthach, the evil witch of the Roanoke colony responsible for all the events occurring in season 6. Every scene to feature Scáthach had Gaga being portrayed as a hideous, deranged woman whose voice and movements were equally chaotic, which perfectly fit the tone of the show. More importantly, it showed that Gaga has no problem acting in a horror story, so if she can pull off being in American Horror Story, then she can pull off being on Wednesday.

Naturally, Wednesday doesn’t go as far with its horror elements as FX’s American Horror Story: Roanoke, and even when it does focus on them, the show still leans more towards camp than flat-out horror. Even so, season 1 had more than its fair share of genuinely horrific moments, and if Lady Gaga brought the same energy she used as Scáthach in American Horror Story: Roanoke to Wednesday season 2, then those moments could become even greater going forward. There’s still no word on whether Jenna Ortega’s wish will go anywhere, but regardless, it’s still something that would certainly take Wednesday to even greater heights.

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