The Yakaku Outfit is a Glamour Set that players can unlock for free in Final Fantasy XIV by completing one of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Quests.

The Yakaku Outfit is a new Glamour Set introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 featuring the stylish look of traditional Japanese garb. This set contains five separate pieces, but the main attraction that many will desire from this set is undoubtedly the Dogi, the chest piece of the collection. This clothing piece is exceptionally fashionable by revealing its wearer’s right shoulder and adding beautiful body art of branching sakura blooms. The Kamidome is a headpiece that serves as a hair extension, and the Fundoshi is a unique-looking loincloth wearable for both males and females. Finally, the Koshita serves as the stunningly designed leg piece, and the Geta is the set’s Japanese-style footwear.


Lovers of the Stormblood expansion story and aesthetic will undoubtedly adore the Yakaku Outfit in Final Fantasy XIV. Correspondingly, this Glamour Set is acquired through a Side Quest that involves revisiting some past acquaintances from Stormblood.

To unlock all five pieces of the Yakaku Set, FFXIV fans must head to Old Sharlayan and travel to the coordinates (X: 11.8, Y: 9.8), where they will encounter Mehdjina, the Quest Giver for Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Quests.

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Unlocking the Yakaku Set in FFXIV

Accepting and Completing An Auspicious Opportunity Quest to Receive the Yakaku Outfit in FFXIV

According to Final Fantasy XIV content creator Meoni, the Side Quest that players must accept to unlock Yakaku Set is called “An Auspicious Opportunity.” It is tricky to explain the objectives of this quest without going into “spoiler territory;” therefore, it is ideal that players enter this brief quest blind and enjoy seeing several old faces and experiencing new stories along with Tataru.

The quest primarily involves lots of walking and talking, so participants do not need to worry about any challenging combat sequences or puzzles. Once the entire ordeal is over, players will find themselves back in Old Sharlayan with Mehdjina, who will reward the Warriors of Light with the Yakaku Outfit.

However, those unfamiliar with Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Quests must keep in mind that this questline only becomes available once the entire Endwalker MSQ has been completed. Once this feat has been fulfilled, players must then clear the Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quest, “Newfound Adventure,” given by Tataru in The Rising Stones. Next, adventurers must go on to complete “Small Business, Big Dreams” and “Soaring Profits,” which will grant access to “An Auspicious Opportunity.” If players do not rush, the quest should take around an hour to complete, which is minimal effort for the excellent Yakaku 5-piece Glamour Set and some post-game story about the characters of Stormblood in FFXIV.

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