In the wake of the release of the new Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania at the top of the week, Marvel Studios hasn’t had much to officially report, but that doesn’t mean there’s been no news in the MCU sphere as the latest word on the street includes some potentially exciting updates on one of the most highly anticipated upcoming Disney Plus series — and one that we guarantee you’ve forgotten about. Elsewhere, scandal isn’t so much sniffing at the franchise’s door as vaguely sauntering in the direction of its front yard, but Marvel may still want to be careful about the company it keeps…

Marvel might want to curb its Rick and Morty mania after animated series is swallowed up in unseemly scandal

Image via Adult Swim

Rick and Morty fans will be all too aware that co-creator and main star Justin Roiland is facing domestic violence charges, which could naturally spell the end for the previously invincible Adult Swim animated series. In the light of the show’s name being sadly besmirched in this way, Marvel might want to seriously cool its own R&M obsession, as the studio has been hiring show vets like crazy recently — just look at the showrunners for both Loki (Michael Waldron) and She-Hulk (Jessica Gao) and the writer for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (Jeff Loveness). Not to take away opportunities from those unfortunate enough to have worked with Roiland, but Marvel won’t want to be tainted by association as this other bastion of modern pop culture goes down.

We may finally know where the Young Avengers will make their MCU debut (emphasis on the may)

Image via Marvel.com

Fans have been all geared up for the arrival of the Young Avengers on the scene for literally years now, but Marvel has stubbornly refused to tell us when the teen super-team could officially assemble. According to rumors, though, we may — if we’re very, very lucky — finally be able to say when they’ll appear together for the first time. Namely, Paul Bettany’s WandaVision spinoff series Vision Quest — perhaps the most oft-forgotten entry on the MCU’s upcoming slate — might be the one to see Viz’s twin boys join forces with the likes of Iron Lad, Kate Bishop, and America Chavez. Now we just need to know when Vision Quest itself is coming out…

Daredevil: Born Again could also feature the return of the one Marvel TV villain who can rival Kingpin

Image via Marvel Studios

We’re sticking with the rumor mill for a moment, so fetch yourselves another palm full of salt. In the wake of Krysten Ritter apparently outing her comeback in Daredevil: Born Again, talk is intensifying over how Jessica Jones could enter Matt Murdock’s orbit once again in the big Defenders Saga follow-up show. Based on the latest intel, fans are theorizing that Born Again may even feature the return of the best Marvel TV villain whose name is not Wilson Fisk. Yes, there’s hope that a certain purple-loving mind-controller played by David Tennant could drop by, perhaps with his own brood of terrifying offspring in tow.

Don’t go anywhere, True Believers, as more of the latest Marvel updates of all kinds will be powering their way to you over the weekend.


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