The Jake Sully and Neytiri figures are up for preorder now.

Avatar: The Way of Water has been making waves. It is breaking box office numbers and getting people out and into the movie theaters around the world to see the follow-up to James Cameron‘s hit 2009 film Avatar. Now, new figures from Hot Toys brings the magic of Avatar to your home and yes, that means you can own a Hot Toys figure of the Blue Daddy himself Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington in the film).

Hot Toys is releasing two figures from the film, including a Jake Sully 1/6 Scale Figure and a Neytiri 1/6 Scale Figure. While the Na’vi themselves are significantly taller than the sky people on Pandora, the figures are about 17.7 inches tall and the Jake Sully figure includes “a new, highly detailed, hand-painted head plus a braided hair sculpt with rooted fabric hair.”

More details on the Jake Sully figure from Hot Toys follow: “He wears a tactical vest with ammo, a loincloth with beads, a dagger sheath, armbands, and gauntlets. Jake also comes armed with an axe, a rifle, a dagger, a grenade, and a headset. With over 16 points of articulation and a bendable tail, the Jake Sully 1/6 Scale Figure is also highly poseable.” The Deluxe Version of the figure includes “a glorious World of Pandora figure base with LED light-up function, inspired by the marine habitat in the film.”

Image via Hot Toys

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For the Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldaña in the movie) figure, she is slightly smaller than the Jake figure, coming in at 17.3 inches tall. She includes a “highly detailed, hand-painted head sculpt” that manages to capture the beauty and iconic look of Neytiri from the Avatar films. She also has “detailed hair sculpt and rooted fabric hair with a sculpted feather headpiece. Her facial and body patterns are expertly recreated with luminous, reflective paint. Neytiri is dressed in a crop top, loincloth, and gauntlets. Her accessories include a necklace, a dagger, a bow, and arrows.”

Much like the Jake figure, the Neytiri Hot Toys figure has over 16 points of articulation and a bendable tail, which goes great with what we know of the Na’vi from the film and the world of Pandora! Her Deluxe Version also includes a “beautiful World of Pandora figure base” like the Jake figure.

The Neytiri figure is available for pre-order and is $335 dollars for the regular 1/6 scale figure and is $380 for the Deluxe Version with Pandora stand. The Jake Sully regular figure is the same price as well as the same price for the Deluxe Version. They are on pre-order now and are great additions to your Hot Toys collection! Check out more images below:

Image via Hot Toys

Image via Hot Toys

Image via Hot Toys

Image via Hot Toys

Image via Hot Toys

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