Cameron Sets Bees & Penguins Nat Geo Docos

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In a surprise appearance at the Television Critics Association’s Winter 2023 press tour, “Avatar” filmmaker James Cameron showed up to announce two new series coming to the National Geographic hub of Disney+ – “Secrets of the Bees” and “Secrets of the Penguins”.

Both join the ‘Secrets’ franchise which Cameron executive produces and debuted in 2021 with “Secrets of the Whales”. “Secrets of the Elephants” and “Secrets of the Octopus” are also on the way next, with ‘Elephants’ to premiere on April 21st.

The series engages with the latest science and brand-new camera technology to reveal the secret worlds of desert elephants, forest elephants, Asian elephants and African savannah elephants. Speaking about his collaborations with NatGeo, Cameron says:

“What draws me to it is my endless curiosity and fascination with the natural world and how it works, and how rapidly science is starting to answer these questions about how animals communicate.”

Cameron also showed off a sizzle reel for “Secrets of the Bees”.

Source: Variety

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